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About Woolworths

Need answers from someone at Woolworths? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to Woolworths contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Woolworths (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Woolworths call centre for questions regarding your account, club, stores, special offers, points, cards, complaints and more.

Woolworths Overview

Woolworths, a retail company that was founded by Max Sonnenberg. Throughout its 80-year history Woolworths has grown, evolved and adapted to the changing world, the brand has remained true to its core values of quality and style, service, integrity, value, energy, innovation and sustainability.

Woolworths is one of South Africa’s top retailers, and known for wide choice of high quality clothing, food, homeware and beauty products and offering real value for money.

The company love to bring exciting new ideas and are constantly working hard to bring innovative foods that are responsibly and locally sourced and are the best quality available.

Woolworths also proud to offer a wide range of financial services solutions, from store cards to credit cards, insurance to loans, in partnership with ABSA bank through Woolworths Financial Services.


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12 Comments on the Woolworths customer care experience

  1. Shocking service from WW `rosebank. A friend asked a lady at the counter to keep a bra for her for an hour until I could join her. When we went back there was no bra. Staff were extremely apathetic – some sitting and watching the proceedings. We went to check on the shelf and the size was not there. We waited while people disappeared and eventually shrugged when I asked if they could get it at another branch WHile we were waiting the merchandiser unpacked the contents of a waste paper basket onto the counter at the perfume section and people were sitting and chatting and ignoring the woman at the till when she called them. I then asked for the manager who said he would try and find out if he could find at another store – however I doubt that we will hear form him. I am a regular customer at woolworths and as I have my business in rosebank shop there but since the move to the mall the service levels have degenerated dramatically and it is of concern to me. This is not a good reflection ww – something needs to be done about it. I have photos of the wastebasket being unpacked and staff sitting propped up against the coutners

  2. Trying to find the coffee machine advertised on the radio this morning, was the most frustrating ordeal.
    After minutes of explaining what I wanted, the assistant asked if I had tried Edgars,
    Finally tracked one down in Brooklyn, at least the assistant there knew what I was talking about. I certainly wont bother the next time.
    I live in Edenvale, have to get a friend in Pretoria to collect it for me in Pretoria?? Not good.

    1. I am a very frustrated customer. For four weeks running now I have been unable to purchase a butternut at your Melrose Arch branch. I have reported this to a manager on duty on each Friday morning to no avail. Surely this is a very basic product that should be regularly available.
      Managers take my name and telephone no and promise to report back but never do.
      Something is chronically wrong with the management of the food department in this store.
      This is not the only product that I have difficulty purchasing.

  3. Woolworth financial service is shocking and you can keep your black credit card. Ive received 2 letters but never received a notification or black card.

  4. I was at your Tygervalley store yesterday and was given a piece of information which left me flabbergasted.

    I bought some duvet covers on the sale on Sunday and forgot to get the flat sheets so went to Tygervalley to do the purchase.
    I needed 3 king size flat sheets in 2 different colours, cream and white. The cream one was priced at R170 and the white R220. I queried the price difference with the assistant. His reply to me was “the white was more popular therefore more expensive. Woolworths policy is anything that is popular is marked at a higher price and if more gets sold in a week, presumably a target, the price will go up the following week”. I left the store and came back 30 mins later to do my purchase, lo and behold the R170 had disappeared from the shelf and all cream ones were marked at R220. As I needed them I bought them.

    I do the majority of my shopping at Woolworths, veggies, fruit, clothing, etc. I am very disappointed about this information I was informed about Woolworths policy of pricing

  5. Why if a customer pays there in store card within their branch does the payment not reflect immediately in order to allow a purchase to be made on the in store card

  6. I drove all the way to Hemingsway Woolworths to buy cake for Christmas . To my dissapointment the cake was so dry. I swear they are using box mix these days. The cake was so dry I had to use cream. Was such an inconvenience and I’m so dissapointed.

  7. Shocking issue with Woolworths Financial Services.
    During November 2014 I applied for an in-store card as well as a credit card which I then collected and used up until 23rd December 2014 when the ABSA ATM where I wanted to draw some cash informed me that the credit card had a Fica block (suddenly and six weeks after I was using it without any issues). I was told by the WFS Call Centre to go back to the branch where I collected my card because the Fica documentation which I presented when collecting my credit card was not sent on to the Fica department by that branch. I then did as I was told but the Branch where I collected the card advised that this was impossible because the system would not have released the card for collection if the Fica documentation was not presented. Nevertheless that branch then scanned in the Fica documentation and re-sent this to the WFS Fica department who informed them and myself that by the next day the ‘block’ should be lifted. I tried to use the credit card again the next day because I needed to do this on the day before Christmas but this was in vain. I again telephoned the WFS Call Centre who informed me that the issue was not Fica related at all. Their (WFS) system picked up an old profile of mine going back more than 20 years when I once before had a Woolworths in store card but this card had since been paid up. Because of this old profile the system is not able to carry two profiles for the same ID number therefore the system automatically merged the two profiles creating an instant block. A request was then logged on 24th December 2014 to the WFS IT department to process a technical update to enable the Fica department to unblock the credit card. After very many telephone calls to the WFS Call Centre I was promised that the block will automatically lift afer 3 to 4 days. To this day (7th January 2015) the credit card still reflects a block. I received a telephone call from Riyaad Creighton today who informed me that he has picked up the tail-end of this issue and will ensure that it is finalised and that he would give me a call as soon as this matter has been cleared. However, regretfully he informed me that the IT department only runs updates every Tuesday and the next time that they would be doing this would be Tuesday 13th January 2015 which SHOULD make the card available for re-use again on wednesday, 14th January 2015.
    CAN ANYONE BELIEVE SUCH UTTER NONSENSE. A WFS TECHNICAL ISSUE WHICH COULD TAKE 3 WEEKS (AND COUNTING) TO SORT OUT. WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I APPROACHED THIS INSTITUTION FOR A CREDIT CARD.I can just imagine if I needed this credit card to pay for return flight home from a journey. Would I have been stuck at that destination for 3 weeks. I needed this credit card to pay for registration fees for tertiary education ut it doesn’t appear that these funds will be available on registration date because its already taken WFS 3 weeks so far for a mere techinical issue. Needless to say, my first monthly instalment has already been debited off my bank account for this credit card. Amazing that the card is blocked for use but not blocked to receive payments.

  8. i just had an account with you,on the 24th December I went to your branch in Waterfall mall Rustenburg with intention to pay as I received a message of R96.92 due instalment
    I was turned back because I did not carry the paper called temporary card.
    On friday the 9th of January 2015 I went to Rustenburg to pay where I was told that I have arrears of R100 and therefore expected to pay R196 which I did not do as I find this very strange and impossible,not even loanshark charges this exorbitance for skipping one month instalment
    I therefore need an urgent assistance on this, my contact is 0784741561 (Norman Ngwenya)

  9. It’s rather disappointing to buy a pay of shoes from Woolworths at R450 and when quality is unsatisfactorily, only then is the 6 months quality guarantee is communicated. My left shoe started to tear about 4 months ago now the right shoe is starting to tear. When approaching Woolworths with regards to quality, i was told that they have a 6 months quality guarantee. Does this mean that the quality of Woolworths garments is only 6 months?, it is quite evident that the quality at Woolworths has dropped however it’s not the case with pricing, which escalates continually. In essence, Woolworths says a customer must buy 2 pairs of the same shoe, should the customer need to have such a shoe to last for a year. Another challenge is with their benefit programme – woolworths difference card, you swipe the card with the hope that transactions are recorded, to my surprise & disappointment only transactions within three months can be tracked. I wonder what else is there that is compromised and concealed at the same time…Lousy quality lousy service


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