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About DSTV

Need answers from someone at DSTV? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to all DSTV contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at DSTV (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the DSTV call centre for questions regarding your account, customer support, packages, upgrades, guide, special offers, faults, complaints and more.

DSTV Overview

DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is MultiChoice’s digital satellite TV service in Africa, launched in 1995, providing various bouquets offering General Entertainment, Movies, Lifestyle & Culture, Sport, Documentaries, News & Commerce, Children, Music, Religion and Consumer channels to MultiChoice subscribers.

In 1986, Pay-television came to South Africa when an analogue, single-channel service, M-Net, was launched by Naspers. For almost seven years, all M-Net’s operations were handled by a single company. Year 1993, Naspers created a subsidiary company, Multichoice, which was to handle the business arm of M-Net, such as decoder sales, subscriber services and account management. It was 1995, Multichoice announced that it was launching a new digital, satellite service in South Africa and, on 6 October 1995, DStv was officially activated to subscribers. The original video channel bouquet consisted of 17 channels. The history continues to span over the decade that brought many subscriber to DStv.

Dstv together with Multichoice takes customer care seriously and in the effort to enrich our life, they offer customer service touchpoints to us in a number of different ways.


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8 Comments on the DSTV customer care experience

  1. Im not happy dat I’m paying R535 for extra view but everytime wen I wanna watch TV in the ader room its always says E143-4 den wen call or SMS its fixed after a week again wen I wanna watch in dat room its back on that error I thought it will be OK everytime cos I’m paying 4 it.I don’t always HV to call everytime.

  2. I have a problem with DSTV because it looks like we are being robbed in broad daylight,I paid my account a day late and was told I needed to pay reconnection fee as it had already been closed,however I wasn’t told that if I pay the reconnection fee 24 hours later my services will be disconnected again. It was indeed cut off and after paying the so called reconnection fee,I’m told that I need to pay anot her R45.00 to be reconnected because I paI’d 24 hours later. What sort of a scam is this company running I wonder?

    Then the audicity of the consultants,I spoke to a lady who then decided to put my call aside as I was asking to speak to the manager,forgetting that we use money to make these calls. Multi choice better get their act together because EFF is coming for you guns blazing.

  3. I paid my Dstv arrears yesterday but suprisingly i now get a message stating “Your accou t may be in arrears”. And i noticed there is an amount of over R200 i must pay on the 3rd March…why should i pay and why am i not enjoying what i paid for?

  4. I made use of the spacial offer to upgrade from compact plus to premium for R600 pm during february, paid over R900. After a phone call to customer service i was told the special offer was not loaded onto system and i will get crediit.. during this past week i received a sms to continue with the special offerfor R600 for another month and i accept. Tonight premiium pacakage is non esisting but R600 was deducted via debit order. This service from dstv customer care belongs to goverment officials…………R900 again for what !!!

  5. Dstv services . Dubbing into English from the original language is pathetic. Suspension and cancelling Glow channel 167 is unacceptable. The only channel that allows customers to tune in and watch in the original language . Maybe channel 114 and 166 should follow example set by Glow in terms of choice – to watch in English or original language. DISSAPPOINTED

  6. Hi my name is Avela I’ve lost that I use to pay my DSTV. So I need help what should I do?

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