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  • CALL : 082-111
  • Website : www.vodacom.co.za
  • Address : 082 Vodacom Boulavard, Voda Valley, Midrand, JHB

About Vodacom

Need answers from someone at Vodacom? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to Vodacom contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Vodacom (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Vodacom call centre for questions regarding your account, upgrades, special offers, faults, complaints and more.

Vodacom Overview

Vodacom is a leading African mobile communications company providing a wide range of services including mobile voice, messaging, data and converged services to more than 60 million customers.

Vodacom is also the number-one provider deploying 3G, 4G and UMTS networks in South Africa and is also offering HSPA+ 21.1 Mbit/s, HSUPA (2100 MHz) and 42 Mbit/s. LTE should become commercially available by the end of 2012.[6] In terms of other technology Vodacom has its hand in Wi-Fi,WiMAX and LTE. Vodacom to date is upgrading the whole South African system to introduce these new technologies.

The mobile company also offer business managed services to enterprises in over 40 countries across Africa. Vodacom is majority owned by Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies by revenue. They are are listed on the JSE Limited and the head office is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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44 Comments on the Vodacom customer care experience

  1. I’m experiencing problems with my BIS for the past two days and struggling to get through to the customer service.

    Thank you

  2. Hi

    I am a customer of Vodacom for so many years no that is seems like there bill is wrong they cant give me answers they can take my money but no answers this needs to be checked for seven days i mean that just shows you that they are not even sure they need to check everything i have 5gb wifi from vodacom and my mobile data is off but they still charged me for data usage i want my money refunded or this will be the last contract i have with vodacom

  3. Hi I got my 5s Apple in March. After a stormy delivery of my phone at tiger valley , another nightmare awaited me. Up to date I cannot download any apps, my whattsapp has no connection to my photos… All thanks to the wonderful guy at voda shop in tiger valley, who robbed me of R 250 bucks for nothing and the despair of again buying an iPhone. Well done to him at the voda shop upstairs in tiger alley I hate I phone cos it’s user unfriendly. I would appreciate it if somebody can help. Thanks

  4. I am VERY UNHAPPY with Vodacom so called services? I recently upgraded my phone by the upgrade centre 0821959 I was on a top up R135 the lady said if i down grade there will be a penalty, so she said why don”t I upgrade to a top 150 I WAS NEVER INFORMED ABOUT THE OTHER COST THAT WERE INCLUDED NOW I HAVE A STATMENT OF R854 IS THIS A JOKE FROM VODACOM. I HAVE TWO CELLPHONE CONTRACTS VODACOM EVEN SENT ME A TEXT THAT MY AMOUNT FOR DECEMBER WILL BE R427. i was not informed about this other amount if this does not get sorted out i will take this further!!!!!!!

  5. I am experiencing extremely bad service from vodacom direct. Kim from vodacom direct promised to call me more than three months ago but to no avail. I lodge a new complaint on 7 October 2014 and your consultant promised to respond within 48 hours but to no avail. Why is vodacom avoiding my complaint?

  6. i have logged 4 calls since November. I have all the reference numbers. I have been paying for data 1 gig a month month since November. November I only got 500 meg but paid 149.00. December I am paying 149.00 which is on my statement. I have received no data. I want vodacom to contact me immediately and reverse all payments deducted or credit my account with outstanding data. Please contact me urgently via above email

  7. I have being trying to convert 2 contracts that have come to an end to Pre-paid. I have phoned the 0821958 six or seven times over the last 3 days – some calls take over 20 minutes – and I still dont have what they said they would send as confirmation of the change over. I have spoken to one consultant twice (Hunadi),and left a message for her to contact me with another consultant-No Joy. Then I spoke to another consultant (Lesego) who assured me I would receive the required documentation shortly……..Still Nothing.
    Due to this unacceptable service when my other 2 contracts expire I will not renew with vodacom and rather take contracts with 8ta who so far have given me great service.

  8. I am very disappointed in the Service by Vodacom.

    In Oct. 2014 I lodged a complaint with Vocacom, about my almost R10.000 roaming bill for 1 day.
    The consultant responded tah tteh same has happened to another lady, with the pomise to have it sored out in 7 days. Up to day, no respons, except for numerous voice messages about the oustanding payment, almost 4 times a day.

  9. I,m a long time customer from vodacom.They can take my money,but when I want to upgrade vodacom got no service.I want to upgrade,but I’m waiting almost a week to get feedback from vodacom.I spoke to a consultant at Mimosa mall Bloemfontein branch.The consultant said,I’ll be contacted,but as far no one phoned me.

  10. I have upgraded my 2 sons contracts on the 5 th Dec 2014 telephonically , the promotion was on the Samsung S4 (mini) LTE , for R199 per month, I picked up the on the 8 th Dec 2014 , when got home we realized this is not a LTE, it’s the standard , we went back to shop and explained , then she said it’s not a problem , they will order the correct (LTE) phone, she phoned me back to say she can’t give me the same ‘contract’ on the LTE phone anymore , I must pay more per month (R229) per contract now , to get the LTE….because this special was only until the 7th of Dec 2014 – so I spoke with my 2 sons and agreed we will keep the existing older type phones…..but with this “Vodacom” also give a gift with every contract , we opted for the Scull Candy headphone , and also here they promised the headphones will be there on the 8 th of Dec 2014 …then they promised the 11 th Dec 2014 and when I phoned yesterday they said its on back order , and have no idea when I will receive it …so when I asked who can I phone from “Vodacom Chatz” , they say I must phone ‘082111″ (Vodacom enquiries) . I have never been treated liked this on any of my ‘4’ “VODACOM” contract I have….

  11. I receive great service from a teleperformance consutant in who is in cape town by the name Thandokazi Mtusikazi appreciate the great service and you made my feel good about being with Vodacom keep it up we need more like you.I RATE YOU 10 AND YES YOU DID SOLVE MY QUERY

  12. Just want to send my feedback regarding a matter I had with free smses, I called in and spoke to Rejoice Sobudula, who was not helpful in my opinion, I then requested to speak to her superior Tintswalo who is her Team Leader, she was very helpful in explaining what I had queried with the same information I gave to the consultant Rejoice, who surprisingly could not get into my account, for that I say to Tintswalo thank you for the efficient manner in which you handled my query, I went from being irate to a happy customer.

  13. Good Morning,

    I have been a Vodacom client for more than 15 years now, I have paid my account on time every time without delay, I experienced problems on my handset and submitted it for repairs, The service I receive is absolutely poor, there is more excuses than solutions, its an excuses upon an excuse, they informed me it will take 2 to 3 weeks to repair, it took your Vodacom team 3 and a half weeks to only provide me with a quote to repair a screen, its a no-brainer, if I can have a solution for every time the Vodacom team promised to call me back or react to an enquiry I would have had a lot less problems now, your service is poor, its a disgrace, but if you want to sell me something, 10 people want to talk to me at once, I am a disappointed and unhappy customer I have already paid for the phone to be repaired, but still they take they’re sweet time to do even the repair.

  14. its unsettling and unsatisfying having to wait in the queue for abt 30 nd more minutes on the most busy month of the year, whre you have other places to go to, on the 19th that is today at vodacom madaira mthata, ths transpired…..please can they improve on their customer service. ….

  15. Every month I receive a copy of my account via post. Every month I send my details as noted on the account via sms to receive my account via email. Nothing changes still comes via post. Trying to get through to Customer Care via phone is just as hopeless


  16. I have had bad service in my life, but Vodacom seriously takes the cake! Call-centre agents are incompetant & never phones back when they promise to do s. I’m very dissapointed at the service I’ve been receiving lately.

  17. I was contacted by a sales person to tell me about the new contact that will apparently save me money. What she failed to tell me was that it was a top up contact. I have been a client of vodacom for over 1 years and my phone is used for business. I cannot have it run out of airtime during the month. This is exactly what happened the first month to n the new contract(October 2014). I contacted vodacom and requested my contact gets fever Ed back to what is was as this is not what is need. I was assured it was done. I was contacted by a consultant during November 2014 to ask if I’m happy with the service. I’m Asked again to make sure my contract is back to sleep he original contract. Up to date I’m still not back on the original contract

  18. I have a contract fone with vodacom and when I initially took it the fone was R368 per month, then they started deducting R491 per month and now it’s R535 per month!! Don’t understand what’s going and it looks like I will end up paying a R 1000 a month and no one bothers to explain why such exorbitant amounts are deducted

  19. Iv been a loyal vodacom customer for a number of years now,but I’m starting to get fed up of their service. I recently bought a new phone and im being charged for things i don’t know,like subscriptions i didn’t even sign up for. I’m on prepaid but everytime i recharge, my money just disappears. they don’t even have or offer anything for free, arg,im thinking of changing my network 2 cell c!

  20. I am vodacom cutomer.i have four contracts with vodacom.poor service and over billing is main problems.if its caryy onvlike that I will stop my debit orders

  21. We live in Somerset West, Steynsrust area. For the past 5+ weeks any cell phone calls cut out. We cannot even call your 111 number without the call dropping. Please let me know what is going on!!

  22. Good day I bought my tablet 2weeks ago but I can’t down down load whatsup and it is a nightmare. I am unable to down load Facebook as it continue to tell me I got another account. This table is able to insert two sim cards but when I insert the mtn sim card it always say it is not detected, what is the problem and how can these problems be resolved.I am frustrated because this is my first time using vodacam sim card and I home this won’t make me change to using mtn ways ways. I request response asap

  23. Needed to transfer some airtime. Have almost 190 credit balance. Tried the various online and call center options, but was told (by the website and recorded voices) that because i have a contract this needs to be “allowed/authorized/ whatever” . SO decided to push on and get this facility activated/authorized/allowed.

    After holding for 10 minutes, and enduring a super loud noise that sounded like a mix of an amateur keyboardist playing a few chords, plus some 90’s disco “c”rap and something that sounded like Micky Mouse intermittently screeching while on helium ….. all the while being assured i was about to be handed on to the next available consultant …… i hung up.

    Customer service .. i think not Vodacom .. i think not . FAIL.

  24. Hi I am currently a very dissatisfied with Vodacom – I cannot get the assistance or answers to what has happened . My wife bought airtime to reload onto her phone and it just disappeared although it did register on the phone that the airtime was uploaded .The service agent could not give us answers and the only thing he can do is escalate the matter further which is what I don’t know .
    What happens now ? This is one of my accounts with Vodacom and I not how happy maybe its time to change service providers who can actually help

  25. i am extremely upset with Vodacom, they fraud peoples account & no one is willing to assist instead they deduct peoples account with no proper investigation. I will never ever do business with Vodacom. i was previously with Nashua Mobile & was very happy with them, now that Vodacom has taken over they have charged us riducoulous amounts of money with no proper investigation. Vodacom will lose a lot of client because i am not the only person complaining about this. Im pissed off nxa!!

  26. After my iphone was stolen, I got my new iphone through insurance. I then had to do a sim swop and phone activation, which UNFORTUNATELY I went to Vodashop Clearwater Mall. The attendant at counter 7, Name unknown as none of them wear name tags, did a sim swop on a normal “large” sim, and not a nano sim. He saw the iphone as i put it on his desk??? He then had to phone vodacom to cancel this sim swop and redo for the nano sim. This whole procedure took him 30 min?! Said i must wait 2-4 hours. He then sent me to “tech support” to help set up the phone. I did ask the wanna be tech guy, Siya(only known as inasked for his name cause of uselessness!). He said he refuses to help me with the exchange server set up, he will be fired!!!! How come they did it last time?? AT THE SAME SHOP?! He handed me my phone and continued chatting to his friend in his mother tongue, which was chatting with him whilst he “served” me. About 5 min passed. I the asked him. Are you done. He nastly replied. Yes. I then requested the owners number. They refuse to give it out. After the 7 hours, i eventually phoned vodacom on my husband’s phone. The lady told me that the sim was cancelled. The stupid incompitent ignoramous never activated the nano sim!!!!! I want the owner and Vodacom know you have useless airheads working at the clearwater branch. My avg spend is between R1900.00 to R2400.00 per month. My upgrade is coming in a week. I am considering taking my business elsewhere.

  27. Once again Vodacom ”EXCELLENT SERVICE”. Received sms that my SMART M package has eventually been activated – bought package in November. But here is the problem – received sms that package has been activated BUT NO 120 MINUTES,NO 300MB,NO 300SMS HAS YET BEEN RECIEVED. I am just wandering what the time period will be this time before actually recieving the contents of the SMART M package.

  28. My handbag was stolen 2 years agi and the people opened 1 vodacom account and 1 upgrade with my ID book . Reported fraud to Standerton branch Vodacom with case number . It was confirmed but Vodacom Blacklisted me and 2 months ago got a statement from Vodacom ….they owe me money !!!!!! Struggeling to sort out this mess for 2 months now ……no one knows whats going on …….useless Vodacom helpline!!!!

  29. Vodacom is the worst service provider ever when it comes to calling the call centre. On a sunday of all days i have now been holding on for over 20min to speak to some one urgently regarding my phone that has been cut. Pathetic


  31. I have a problem with vodacom customer line..about 19 days ago..thats last year Dec 15. I recharged with R100 on it I only got myself power bundles used up the 50MB within the hour, switched off data services.. well three hours later..tried to make a call..i was having insufficient units to make a call.. called customer care..redirected me to the data service and they promised to work on it and they will call me in three days… few days there had some few recharges with so said Summer gifts, where they send you an SMS with a code…I just knew that this was recharge number this since this summer promo..of cause it was working ..now few recharge after that..i did recharge but this time I waited for their SMS for the code.. still it didn’t not appear..so I called customer. A guy called Siphiwe..not so sure if he’s been so professional or is just me not understanding a logic of a call center operator..it was a uses less call I had..and it’s soo unfair if we are stuck with vodacom…Just be consistent..the summer promotion messages do come late where by you find that the time to redeem such gift has elapsed.
    Take care of your customers guys!

    Disappointed -Me

  32. i am so disappointed with vodacom right now i feel so robbed and cheated by the way vodacom operates .They advice you to use data bundles instead of airtime and still they get to chao your aitime after purchasing data and send you a notification that you have purchased data .after seconds you get another notification saying you do not have data or airtime like really who finishes 1 gb in less than 3hrs .
    And you call customer care only to get a zero help….

  33. I needed to purchase a replacement data simcard as we had a breakin and this was stolen. I purchased one at Vodacom Fourways upstairs on 30th December and was told I would be connected within 2 hrs. Next day I phoned Vodacome Fourways complaining that I was not connected and they said I was and to try again. It did not work, we paid 4hours overtime to an IT speciliast to get it going and he phoned Vodacom twice that day and they told him it was all active. It still did not work so he told us that the sim card must be fauly. Long story short after being pushed from one person to another, from one shop to another eventually the technician at Voadcom Fourways asked us why the card had been blocked!!!! IT WAS NEVER ACTIVATED 6 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE!!!! This is a company sim card and the time wasted, money spent by us because of vodacom’s inefficiency is just unaccepable!

  34. Lowest form of marketing every. Vodacom runs a massive festive season campaign on Vodacom Smart Tab 3G, but don’t have stock. They attract buyers to their stores and even ran a tele campaign, but then admit that they don’t have stock. So what do they want the clients to do…upgrade to a much more expensive option!! This is bad marketing and should be investigated by the ASA.

  35. I am DISGUSTED at the arrogance displayed by the call centre staff @ Vodacom. They were unable to assist with changing my details and now want to charge an additional R100 for being inefficient.

    Vodacom needs to train their staff, they need to educate their staff in how to handle customers when it requires more then reading the rule book that guides them ..

    Dealing with Vodacom has been UNPLESANT to say the least … Awaiting some feed back from someone who can give me answers NOT excuses.

  36. On the 24th of November 2014 I upgraded my contract at Mall@reds Vodashop to the Sony Experia Z3 compact which comes with the Z2 watch. At the time there was no stock and Alex, the salesman, said it shouldn’t take more than two weeks to arrive.
    He said to phone the next Thursday and see if stock came in as that was the day they got their stock list from Vodacom. When my wife phoned he said there wasn’t stock yet but I was first on the list to receive it when it did come in.
    On the 26th December 2014, after many attempts to contact Alex or the store manager of whom neither return messages, I decided to contact customer care directly on 111.
    I spoke with a Wilson SitholeI, received a Reference number, S3-1ZY2X-XZOJQ, and was told that my query has been escalated to Head Office and someone would contact me on the following Monday as that department doesn’t work on the weekends. To date no one has phoned me back.
    On the 31st December 2014 I phoned Vodacom again and after some calls from the customer care agent to the Mall@reds Shop, I was told that stock would be arriving by the end of this week.
    Yesterday, 6 January 2015, I went to the Mall@reds Vodashop to find out what was happening and was told by the manager that they don’t know when stock will be arriving as Vodacom hasn’t given them any dates yet.
    The shop says it’s out of their power and customer care (111) says the only people who can help me is the shop. So here I am stuck between a shop who won’t help me and customer care who says they cannot; and no one accepting responsibility of the situation.
    I took out this contract on the basis that I would have the watch within two weeks and now I am faced with a situation where no one is willing to help me and everyone seems to be ok with that. Mall@reds Vodacom is a shop that carries the Vodacom name, regardless if they are a stand-alone shop or part of Vodacom; Vodacom should be prepared to step in and help its customers (as we in the end have the contract with you directly).
    You are happy to take my money every month for a watch I don’t have but you are not prepared to assist me when I need assistance. In my eyes that equates to day light robbery.
    If I could at least get a straight answer on when stock is meant to arrive, that would have been a step in the right direction, but everyone gives me a different answer and no one is willing even try assist me.

  37. its been hard to get my number back,I can’t remember the last 5 numbers I dialed ,and its amazing that vodacom cannot see a loyal customer , I had that number for ten years and all my accounts , banking details , emails etc is still linked to that number. I shouldn’t beg to get my number back, and wish someone could help me

  38. Vodacom has the worst service ever. I have to hold on for 20 minutes and when someone finally answers they just hang up again

  39. My phone got reloaded with airtime this morning around 10h00 by my husband as the account holder. i got the confirmation via sms that it was done. My network was still off so I called customer care twice and the ladies told me it takes between 1 to 4 hrs to resolve, the status is pending and there seems to be a network problem. I called again at 14h10 or so and a guy called Craig who did not give me his surname tells me it takes 6 to 24hrs to have my phone sorted. There’s nothing he can do since i am not the account holder and i must take my sim card out to reboot network. Such inconsistency and things that did not make sense. He irritated me and got me extremely upset, his atttitude did not help my situation but to my surprise after 5 minutes of telling him I am gonna report this my phone was suddenly working. This tells me somebody did not do something right from the start as it has never taken this long to unlock my phone. I did not like that at all and I hope Vodacom will ensure we don’t ever get inconvenienced like this again. I could not do much for hours on my phone and it was not a nice experience.People like Craig just make the experience worse.

  40. February 2014 I signed a contract for a Lenovo S6000 tablet with Vodacom. Since October 2014 when switching on the tablet it froze at the Lenovo logo. November 15, 2014 the tablet was handed in for repair. I was informed that it had to be sent to Bloemfontein for repairs and can take up to two weeks. After two weeks inquire about the tablet at Vodacom Chatz Kroonstad where it was handed in, I was informed that Vodacom cannot repair the tablet because it is not their product. I had to provide proof of ownership, invoice, delivery note etc. which I did. After another few weeks inquire about the tablet I was informed that it cannot be repaired in Bloemfontein because Lenovo has their own repair company in George. The tablet will be sent to George and that might take about one month. When once again inquire about the tablet I was informed that it cannot be repaired in George and have to be sent to Johannesburg to “Let me repair”. Every time I go to Vodacom Chatz Kroonstad I am informed that they have not received any info regarding the tablet. It is now 3 months later, my Vodacom account is being paid on time, but I have no tablet. This is absolutely unacceptable. Vodacom’s customer service it useless. No effort has being made to provide me with a loan unit or any apology and explanation why the tablet is not yet repaired.

  41. Huge problem with Vodacom, I am not a satisfied customer, your service’s is useless. Can’t even get correct feedback from customer service/Repair It’s always a different story every time I call for the last three times now. This is unacceptable and unprofessional, none of you care but only to make sure Vodacom gets the money.

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