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  • CALL : 084-196 1398
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  • Address : Block C, Riverview Office Park Halfway Gardens x 100 Bekker Road, Midrand, Johannesburg

About StarSat

Need answers from someone at StarSat? Contact us Business directory offer you direct access to your service provider contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at StarSat (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the StarSat call centre for questions regarding your account, customer support, upgrades, special offers, faults, complaints and more.

StarSat Overview

StarSat is a digital satellite TV brand, operating in the South African market, offering a multitude of channels available in simple package choices for the subscriber. The channels include movies, news, series, kids programmes, music, gospel, documentaries, sport, lifestyle, telenovelas, and other. The packages are priced to give the subscriber good viewing value, and to make digital TV available to everyone.

StarSat was officially launched on 31 October 2013. It was also the brand that replaced TopTV. The new StarSat decoder is fully HD. Existing or lapsed TopTV subscribers will be able to receive the StarSat signal on the TopTV decoder.


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14 Comments on the StarSat customer care experience

  1. I bought a voucher for R109 at PEP Denlyn Mall and I think I downloaded it between the 24-26/11/14, but now my channels are not showing, only the Star Guide is showing, can you pls help me.

  2. I paid for my decorder and im still waiting for it to come on this is absolutletly ridiculous as im waitng 1week after calling

  3. Hi. I just got home to find out that StarSat doesn’t play in the mornings (every morning) until 1pm or 2pm depending on the weather since August!!! I don’t understand what I am paying for, if that’s the case. Its 10am, and am told I must wait till late afternoon until I have service. This reminds me of the 80s. Also, some paid for channels don’t pay!!! What is this?!

  4. The service of top TV it’s very poor it’s been 2 weeks now I can’t watch anything on my cause it’s gives the message that’s say technical problem. I don’t get it why I’m I paying for something that I can’t benefit on this is absolutely ridiculous

  5. I’ve heard that the call centre works from 07:00 to 05:00 the next morning but I’ve been waiting over an hour for an answer and this at 21:00.

  6. why does some of my chanels dont work like 100,101,120,125 ……………. do i pay for nothing. its xmas and im sitting without movies or series. is this how star sat work

  7. The service of this channel is pathetic. For the last week no movie channel is showing. Every second channel is of. They are quick to cut service if your payment is late. THE PROBLEM IS THEY DO NOT GIVE THE SERVICE THEY PROMICE….. I

  8. The service of top TV it’s very poor it’s been 4 a mnth now I can’t watch anything on my cause it’s gives the message that’s say technical problem. I don’t get it why I’m I paying for plz help

  9. Without Prejudice
    This service is pathetic, we have been looking at technical problem screen 4 the past 2 weeks, this has been happening from August 2014 where your technical problems started. If we are a day late in payments, you cut us off. Your services need 2 b jacked up or we look 4 alternatives.


  10. I am experiencing difficulties with SABC.I have spoken to an operator and in the middle of the coversation I lost contact.I phoned again and just after I provided my details I got disconnected again.This is not the first time I have had trouble.It has been going on since October 2014.It causes my spouse and myself a lot of grief.I cannot go on like this.I will be looking forward to a call from your office.Thank you in anticipation

  11. Top Tv / starSat is just as bad as other carniving companies. My services were closed and on 5 dec i paid only to get error 6 now when I finally get through to them they ask me how can they be sure I was getting error 6

    Its time we get this on the facebook if i only get through to 1 person to see that they should move to dstv i will be satisfied

  12. This products sucks from my point of veiw. I have launced numerous complaints an had no help feom customer care. As paying customers i think we śhould get some sort of assistance.

  13. Hi, I’m a star sat subscriber and I’m enjoying my entertainment from you guys, I real think the programs you offer are good. However I can’t help but notice that you keep repeating some of the content on Movies1, Movies1+2, FoxM and FoxM2. I think you should minimize on playing and repeating these old movies and I hope you still have room for more new channels. Other than that, I’m not complaining, I’m loving my music, sport, news, reality shows, series and everything else.

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