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About Telkom

Need answers from someone at Telkom? Contact us offer you direct access to Telkom contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Telkom (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Telkom call centre for all questions regarding your account, customer support, upgrades, ADSL, special offers, fault reporting, complaints and more.

Telkom Residential Overview

Telkom Residential is a service offers by Telkom. A telephone line which have a calling plans that is optional and includes normal Home Line rental, CallCatcher (Call Answer, WaitingCall and IdentiCall). You can choose from:

  • Telkom Weekender Plan
  • Telkom Evening and Weekend plan
  • Telkom Unlimited Anytime plan
  • Telkom Unlimited Anytime plus plan

Telkom will send you a summary of your account and will reflects the balance of your previous bill, the payments received and the total current bill. It includes the invoice indicates the details of the current invoice. Rental, Usage (or Calls) and VAT are the most popular items for residential customers. Rental for services is payable one month in advance. In the case of a new service, the initial rental from the date of installation till the end of the bill cycle, as well as rental for one month in advance will apply.

Telkom is a telecommunication provider for South Africa. Satellite, data, voice, internet, network solutions and LAN provisioning.

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42 Comments on the Telkom customer care experience

  1. not happy I have to wait for almost hour to get help,and stil no oneis helping me,sasol garage at nasrec and randshow road line is not working for 2 weeks now

  2. Dear Telkom

    I can’t complain about your customer service, specifically the Telkom general call centre, because there is no service at all! It is impossible to get a human voice despite going through all the automated responses. Every time one keys in a number (and I tried various of the options) that should get you to a consultant, the line immediately cuts out. You have convinced me not to subscribe to ANY Telkom “service”.

    1. Telkom customer services is non existant, calling your call center can be a drive for joburg to Durban.

      Shame on you.

  3. Unfortunately the Telkom call centre does send one from one department to another, call centre agents refused to put us through to a supervisor and email has not been responded to. Paying a Telkom account at a supermarket has clearly also been a mistake, because that payment never reached Telkom (?). When doing subsequent direct payments, monies are not applied to the outstanding – missing – (now arrears) amount, but payments are only applied to the latest bill. Causing the ‘arrears’ amount to have our services suspended.
    When Proof of payment (essentially a double payment) was sent on 27 November, we were promised that the ADSL service would be reconnected within 24 hours. But we have still not been reconnected after 5 days. Called the 10210 number, (which was firstly not operational this morning) – and the Billing Department sent us to the Technical department, who sent us back to the Billing department – etc.
    It seems pointless to continue using Telkom as a “service” provider.
    How does one get this kind of issue resolved??

  4. Poor poor service!! I could not log a new fault (telephone line not working) – held on for over 60 minutes on my cell phone. I could not log a new fault as the old fault that was solved in middle November, was not cleared by Telkom.

  5. What is wrong with your call centre?
    The whole of yesterday and today as well, I just get disconnected.

  6. Our line was stolen a month and 5 days ago today, we are trying to run a business here, but our business is going out the window, how are we supposed to run a business without internet and no telephone for clients to make a bookings. I would rate the service, but there is no service at all.This is absolutely ridiculous there is no help its almost as if Telkom doesn’t care for customers at all. People will lose thier Jobs here if nothing is done. I could rant on about how pathetic this so called “well established company” is but ide rather not go on before i lose my temper. POOR POOR POOR SERVICE. DONT DELETE MY COMMENT .

  7. Fault reporting staff have no compression of what the doing. Reported fault on 16 November an since then have spoken to Mealie, Coomby,Dineo,Goodwill and even a manager Tyrone with no joy. Fault remains outstanding to date. It gets closed without reason and I have to re-log. A simple call request for a home user, how do business’s survive with such a pathetic service provider.

  8. How many consultants do you have on duty during the day? I’ve been holding for more than an hour and still no answer!

  9. Your call centre is useless – there is not one human available to talk to – only “canned voices”. Even on this website, there is nowhere to report a fault. I have reported my faulty line with your “canned voices”, and now nothing happens further. I have been without a service for this whole week. No wonder people all switch to mobile phones – if Telkom continues like this, you will be bankrupt and without customers soon.

  10. The service from Telkom is really bad, especially the call centre. Maybe a better option to get your line installed and then work through Afrihost and let them deal with Telkom. Telkom takes to long, nobody answers, nobody replies on the email, and they claim that they will respond within 48hours, that didnt happen. It seems they have to much business or they just don’t care.

  11. FYI Telkom: Your call centre does not work. 6 time trying to call 10210 to get my ADSL line tested, each time get to the agent not even 2 seconds and the call cuts out.

  12. Trying to contact someone on this helpline is incredibly frustrating and demoralising. This surely is not customer care but customer torture. High time we got a privatised alternative service for land lines.

  13. I called from a mobile to arrange for payment date of my Telkom account,the balance on the cellphone was R180.79 when I eventually managed to get to speak to a “human we conversed for about 8minutes,the waiting time was so long the balance on the mobile was R12,95 that’s just “awesome Thank You so much)!!! Really aurtrochise I am not impressed at all.

  14. As an existing Telkom customer I find the service delivery to be pathetic. I am trying to transfer my Telkom line form Durban to Pretoria due to my relocation. Telkom send me sms’ to confirm that the technician will be out to assist with the installation and then the technician leaves and never comes back. I had to relog the call and wait for another 2 days before I get any assistance. I am still waiting for the past 2 weeks for assistance. Telkom takes too long on the 10210 number. Eventually when you get through to the correct department you get cut off and have to call back. The waiting period for a response is 15 minutes. They claim that they will respond within 48hours, that doesn’t happen. For such a large Telecommunication provider, the service delivery sucks!!

  15. hi Telkom Call centre is a waste of time, i applied for a deit order on my account and today 11.12.2014 i received a invoice stating that im in arrears and that for December i must pay R832 I called in and was on the hold for more than 20 min and still did not get any answers and was put through to another consultant and was on hold again for 10 min and then the call just went off.
    what poor service……


  17. I am do frustrated with Telkom. No internet since Thursday pm. I have been calling the help line no. Kept holding for more than an hour each time with my calls still not being answered “all our consultantsare busy, you will be attended to as soon as a consultant becomes available”. This is my 4th call this morning. On the line for 40 mins again. I want to scream.

  18. i have reported my business adsl line and am waiting for 3 working days with no response. you cannot through to 10217 but after waiting 47 minutes, I got a lady from Telkom. my business line in a que system and not yet assigned to a technician. her response to the 2 day repair time is that Telkom only works 8 hours a day so one day is actually equalivent to 3 days for Telkom. that the biggest load of bull I have heard in a long time. my business suffers as a result and Telkom doesn’t give a damn. their service is going from bad to worst. I am now looking to go elsewhere to gain internet excess.

  19. What is wrong with your call centre. Unable to get through to a consultant since Friday 12/12/2014. This is ridiculous and pathetic. Will be cancelling my contract with Telkom and moving MWeb.

  20. Afraid to call the call centre. I am on the phone for almost 40 min and still no reply. Have been trying to get through since Friday.

  21. Have phoned you several times over the past week and a half. Each time promised to send someone to fix my line. When i phone again i am told the fault has already been attended to. It has not been and i am now wondering how to proceed from here as i can not spend my whole day waiting for your call centre to answer your calls only to be told it has been fixed when it has not. PLEASE HELP

  22. The Telkom customer service sucks!!!! i got through this morning BY LUCK!!! you advertise we have to contact to have our statements emailed, which is exactly what i was doing. I spoke to a consultant before 8 this morning and it is now 10:53. and i still have not received the statement. i think it is better to wait for the post office to deliver the statement than to wait for your emails!!!
    every time we get sent from one department to the next and to top it all off we have to listen to the annoying music playing while being shunted around, only to have the phone cut out!! and the automated voice always says “your call will be answered in 20 minutes” who the hell wants to hold on so long to have a problem sorted??? PLZ COME RIGHT!!!

  23. I have been holding on for customer care for half hour now….no success !!!! Yesterday same thing….just no reply except music….music….music….but never an actual human ! Gosh, this is pathetic….Telkom losing business because of automated systems and no one actually working ! Wanted to upgrade my line…but think once i get a consultant to actually talk to….will rather cancel !

  24. The Telkom Customer Care website should be renamed The Customer We Don’t Care about!. I phoned to talk to a consultant and held on for so long that my phone’s battery died. No one answered obviously, no one ever does. As soon as there is any other alternative option offered to Telkom in this country I will be the first to cancel my business with Telkom. What a pathetic institution Telkom is. Disgusted…..

  25. Impossible to make contact –tried online as well as calling. no response for 3 weeks — vodacom, here I come.

  26. What customer service. Waiting for 1 Hour on the phone and still no answer. From department to department. How do you get anything resolved. Uhmm , maybe if I don’t pay my account for this month someone might call me.

  27. Total waste of time Non operative The call Centre is totaly useless I do not believe there is anyone on duty THREE DAYS trying to get through no joy

  28. I see that I am not the only one based on comments above. I have applied for a new connection, both landline and ADSL a week ago today and have not even received a reference number. 5 calls to the Witbank office unanswered, 7 calls to 10210 and not even a consultant available.I gather Telkom have no need to enhance its customer base by ensuring that new customers get any service. Tried Twitter, still no response. Can this complaint help, I wonder.

  29. Service call center is a joke. Right now it has been 25min35secons on the phone and nobody has helped me. I have already been transferred twice. Read the other complaints…they are the same! Another useless waste if time and money. No wonder I use Vodacom.

  30. I am highly frustrtated with the services received from Telkom. On the 01st / 2nd of Dec 2014 I called 10210 to advise them that I will be cancelling my line as I’m moving from Krugersdorp to Port Elizabeth and after holding for about a half a hour by the person attending to my call I was advised to call on the day to cancel the service. Today when I did so I was told that I have to cancel 30 days in advance and will be charged for January 2015 even tho the line is not active and I cant make use of the sevices. I’m highly frustrated because how can one employee say I can call on the day to cancel and the other say I need 30 days to cancel, is there no procedure or SOP when it comes to this type of query. To top it all now they also advise me that calls to the number 10210 cant be trace to prove that I called, which I cant understand because when you call you have to enter your 10 digit telephone number. I feel this is very unfair as I did call to cancel 30 days prior to my cancellation and was told by your employee who’s name I do not know as its been a month ago to call on the day. I especially went into the Telkom store in Keywest Krugersdorp and explained to the guy why I’m cancelling and he advised me to call 10210. How can your representative not know what the procedure is and how can a number not be traced when I spoke to your consultant. Isnt all your call recorded for quality and procedures???

  31. Since 20 November 2014 I have been without internet. I was advised to purchase a new router (DLINK) . This did not resolve the problem. I phoned Customer Care in Fourways on numerous occasions and had to explain that the phone was working but I did not have interface between the router and my computer. Eventually I was advised by a lady that it appeared to be a fault on their side and that she would report it to their Technical Division. A Technician phoned me and wanted to know whether I was at home on 19 December 2014. As he did not turn up I again contacted Customer Care on 20 December 2014 and was told told that a fault had been registered and (471CRK181214) that it would be attended to shortly. On 24 December 2014 I was advised that the fault had been repaired. IT IS STILL NOT REPAIRED AND I AM PAST BEING “GATVOL” .The majority of the Customer Care are very courteous but grossly incompetent in dealing with matters beyond a faulty telephone line service such as ADSL and particularly router interface.

  32. Telkom ‘ s contact centre is ridiculous, calla are not being answered , I have attempted calling for 3 daya now and still no answer !!!

  33. Telkom, with all its glorious marketing is not a functioning entity. I have been on this line for over an hour to obtain a username and password that was supposed to have been sent by text on December 22nd 2014. Inefficiency and incompetence, disrespect for customers, robbery… we pay before we can be served and then get no service. South Africa can never compete with other countries when it comes service…NEVER!

  34. Your service is absolutely shocking and poor. I have been trying to get DSL port for over 2 months and have spent days at Telkom Sea Point. You stated that I would have it in 3 days and then said “no it was a mistake” my order should never have been processed, then said that the port you attached me to had a fault and no other ports available until the upgrade has been completed which may be March 2015.

    You state that while upgrading you are not installing new DSL lines. You advertise Fibre from “tomorrow” but you can’t install till you complete your upgrade.

    Your strategy in terms of customer care is shocking and if you can’t satisfy a simple requests such as a DSL ports, then you should allow another company to help you with the demand.

    You continue to escalate my complaints but no one ever contacts me and I spend my time running after Telkom as you monopolise the market which clearly you can’t satisfy the demand. It makes no sense that you are unable to action a simple request and perhaps you should bring in consultants and contractors to help you facilitate change in a more structure and positive manner.

  35. I have phoned 3 times the past day to cancel my account but I simply just end up waiting for a consultant for literally an hour each time and eventually decide to just put the phone down. I am very unhappy about this, as i want to cancel my account asap but that isn’t happening as there is no service.. Please look into this matter

  36. I have been holding on for the call centre now for 1 hr 45 min. I find it hard to believe that the call centre is that busy. They keep telling you to log your fault online or to report it via SMS, I’m sure that’s because they can ignore that too. If I ever had to employ a call centre staff I definitely wouldn’t employ somebody that had worked in a Telkom call centre.

  37. what is wrong with you telkom, I’ve been waiting the whole day for technician because you called and send me sms on Wednesday but your technician didn’t pitched I stayed at home the whole day, I had important things to do today, than to sit around for nothing and I already paid for something that I don’t have right now, it’s been three weeks now I’m so angry with you, your service is very very poor.

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