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About Telkom Internet

Need answers from someone at Telkom Internet? Contact Us business directory offer you direct access to Telkom internet contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Telkom Internet (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Telkom Internet call centre for questions regarding your account, ADSL, support, upgrades, special offers, fault report, complaints and more.

Telkom Internet Overview

Telkom Internet is continuously improving to deliver the most advanced Internet services for enhanced business convenience. They provide TI Service Management Tool that will enable you to securely activate your Telkom Internet Mailbox and Dynamic DNS online. The customers can use the Telkom Internet Usage Tracking Tool for viewing and managing their Telkom Internet broadband usage.

They also provide Telkom Internet Password Management Tool that will enable you to securely change both your Telkom Internet account password and your e-mail passwords online.
The Telkom Internet TopUp is simple and easy and can be performed via MasterCard or Visa credit card. The tool allows you to TopUp your account with DSL data or purchase add-on products depending on your product.

DO Messaging is Telkom Internets’ web mail solution, provided free to Telkom Internet customers. Telkom Internet can confirm whether clients supports ADSL and can check the supporting speed.

Self install option will be the option for customers requiring ADSL access and being confident enough to complete the installation of the modem without a Telkom technician’s assistance.


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16 Comments on the Telkom Internet customer care experience

  1. i have telkom ADSl line and have been on the phone for 1 hour waiting to speak to a technician to ask them to Reset my port for the ADSL line. Is this what we can expect from Telkom service? I cannot deal with this i will have to cancel my account and get Wifi by some other means. Best Corrie Steele

  2. How long do you have to wait to speak to a consultant????? 17 minutes????? Dear Telkom, please cancel myu ADSL line, you dont deserve our business.

  3. pathetic service. holding on the line for over 25 minutes and im sure another 30 minutes to go. not my first bad experience with telkom!!!!! i need to move to another service provider. shocking

  4. I have been struggling for 2 days now to get through to your call centre to sort out my ADSL. I will definitely cancel my subscription with Telkom as there is no service!!!!

  5. We have no home Internet for 6 weeks. Despite repeated calls to Telkom and trying to report it on line and even having a technician come to our house, we are no closer to getting it fixed. Apparently an upgrade was done in our area. That is a laugh. Now we no service. Please Telkom, fix it now. I work from home and this a nightmare for emails.

  6. I have been holding for more than 1hour 20min to access telkom ADSL Support line to be assisted with resetting my ADSL connection. I am hanging up now. I cannot handle this. Louis

  7. I’m about to give up with TELKOM and find another ADSL provider. I lodged an sms fault report on 29th Dec. I still have no internet. No attempt to fix the problem. The Ops Manager in my area makes promises which is not kept. This is going on for my 8th day without service. I had similar issues in November where it took them 4 days to fix. How can this be considered service at all? The customer care line is so busy you can’t get through. So what now TELKOM?

  8. After waiting for more than 50 minutes to get through to a consultant on 10210 yesterday to the call was cut off after about 5 minutes – extremely frustrating. I also cannot find an e-mail address to lodge a complaint. I find this to be the worst possible
    customer service I have come across, which to say the least is disgusting.

  9. On the line for 3 hours to username and password re-set to speak to a technician to no answer all i get is is “please stay on the line, we are experiencing high call volumes” and nothing else. I am trying again today, this is a business line and i am so frustrated and can do no business and want to through this phone against the wall. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I had a personalised password on my router but its now defaulted to the old one and my laptop wont allow me to access the Internet. Been holding on for 45 minutes already

  11. Some of us have worked in call centres of big companies like Telkom and we know the expected turn around time for calls to be answered. Either there’s only a handful of people there and they just not bothering to do their job or your staff needs major training. One way or another, you guys need to explain what the dickens is going on….People holding for 3 hours? I’ve personally held on for over an hour…..absolute craziness!!!!!

  12. We reported our business line down on the 21st, By the 26th they realised the modem is broken. Since the 26th till today we still do not have internet as there is a technical problem. So should one close your business?

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