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About Telkom Internet

Looking for Telkom Internet contact details? Struggling to get hold of Telkom Internet call centre?

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Telkom Internet Overview

Telkom Internet is continuously improving to deliver the most advanced Internet services for enhanced business convenience. They provide TI Service Management Tool that will enable you to securely activate your Telkom Internet Mailbox and Dynamic DNS online. The customers can use the Telkom Internet Usage Tracking Tool for viewing and managing their Telkom Internet broadband usage.

They also provide Telkom Internet Password Management Tool that will enable you to securely change both your Telkom Internet account password and your e-mail passwords online.
The Telkom Internet TopUp is simple and easy and can be performed via MasterCard or Visa credit card. The tool allows you to TopUp your account with DSL data or purchase add-on products depending on your product.

DO Messaging is Telkom Internets’ web mail solution, provided free to Telkom Internet customers. Telkom Internet can confirm whether clients supports ADSL and can check the supporting speed.

Self install option will be the option for customers requiring ADSL access and being confident enough to complete the installation of the modem without a Telkom technician’s assistance.


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