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  • CALL : 10217
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  • Address : 152 Johannes Ramokhoase Street, Pretoria

About Telkom Business

Need answers from someone at Telkom Business? Contact Us business directory offer you direct access to Telkom Business contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Telkom Business. (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Telkom Business call centre for all questions regarding your account, customer support, upgrades, ADSL, special offers, fault reporting, complaints and more.

Telkom Business Overview

Telkom Business are committed to delivering best-in-breed ICT solutions which strategically align your organisation to effectively compete in the constantly evolving South African and International economy.

Their extensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions are specifically customised to the unique market requirements, with basic and complex VPN, Voice, IT and Cloud Services, Data Networks and Mobile Technologies. Powered by an experienced team of professionals, the world class infrastructure offers your organisation advanced ICT solutions with the assurance of enhanced security, excellent return on investment and optimum productivity.

The company help us to get the best out of our business, in today’s competitive markets. The flexible, integrated ICT solutions make it possible to add value to customers through cost-effective, quality and tailor-made options. Partnering with organisation, Telkom Business deliver ICT solutions that give company the competitive edge in an ever-changing economy.

Telkom Global Services provides world-class international solutions. They provide global connectivity capability, aligned to customer expansion plans and our Global Products and Solutions are designed to meet the connectivity and ICT needs of businesses in Africa and the rest of the world. Telkom Business delivers reliable and cost efficient ICT solutions which strategically align your government sector in an ever-changing economy.


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14 Comments on the Telkom Business customer care experience

  1. Tried calling a few times an holding on for 20 mins with No answer ,a week has gone my business phone is still not working an No feedback at all

  2. I am going crazy waiting 3 weeks for a upgrade on my Telkom line and the call center is of no use!!! Waiting 20-30minutes with this stupid song singing in your ears!!!

  3. I reported my lyn several time to Telkom. Yesterday @ 9h30 a technician rock up saying we need to work on a Sunday in order to to assist customers with faulty lines. He intend fixing the problem of which I receive a sms its fix. On my attempt to call my number from my cellphone someone else pickup, only to discover that they have reported their lyn two months ago. I tried to report it again but the system says my lyn is fix, to call 10210 will take you 4 hours for them to answer. What surprises my understanding is Telkom wants to retrench people, the question is will there be service at all.

  4. Three weeks ago I had a call from telkom making appointment for installing of telkom line. They promise to be at my home after or on the seventh day, but they never did. This is not acceptable.

  5. Holding 15 min is nothing try 2 hrs 3 min one call and no assistance. it is ridiculous how bad the service is.

  6. Telkom customer care is virtually non-existent. Our company has been without phone lines for 4 days and Telkom couldn’t be bothered. Everyday we phone in and they give us a different reference number. How difficult is it to get a tech to fix a switchboard? We are losing business! Seriously considering switching service providers.

  7. Whats the purpose inviting customers and businesses to report faults on your website where there is no facility to report the problem but all you get is the info to dial 10217?
    That info is in your telephone directory!! Just tell them to dial the number and hang in there.
    And then you have the cheek to tell the caller in your website he’ll pay for reporting the fault!
    Anycase, I don’t think there’s anybody there who can react and get this country back to 1st world status.

  8. I’ve been trying to report a problem since yesterday. I’ve held on for over 2 hrs yesterday and over 30 mins today. This is unacceptable

  9. Telkom on line stores lack equipment and move locations without removing signage or posting new addresses. Telkom fault line is totally useless and unbusinesslike!! The time delays are simply unacceptable and the tape recorded excuses are no more than an irritant. High time that there was a top-level judicial enquiry. Clearly the responsible government minister has no control over his department. I write this more in hope than in expectation that any one at Telkom will respond positively.

  10. Can it not be possible to log faults online?
    This holding for more than 20min !!!!

    With todays technology, lets make this happen.

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