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  • CALL : 083-900 8080
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  • Address : 216 14th Avenue Fairlands, JHB

About MTN

Need answers from someone at MTN? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to MTN contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services and customer care department at MTN (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the MTN call centre for questions regarding your account, upgrades, special offers, faults, complaints and more. Wasting your time with the wrong mobile network contact numbers and tired of getting transferred from one department to another? Try Contact Us!

MTN Overview

MTN is formerly known as M-Cell, is a global communications partner and world-class cellular network based in South Africa.It is a multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African, European and Middle Eastern countries. Its head office is in Johannesburg.

As a major telecommunications company, MTN is focused on the African continent. The company believes that through access to communication, comes economic empowerment.

MTN is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) under the share code MTN and enjoys approximately 37% of market share in South Africa. The company provides voice, data and telemetry offerings and solutions to its 20 million customers in South Africa.


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36 Comments on the MTN customer care experience

  1. Im realy dissapointed and unsatistied with the service from Mtn call centre 808,evrytime i try calling for service i struggle to get help since 26-11-14 till today im still struggling to get through i dialled 808,follow voice prompt to speak to a consultant then the call droppes i realy dont know what to do cause when i call 173 for pre paid the service is better but they cant assist as im a contract customer.i cant wait for my contract to end cause of the pathetic service i experience with Mtn.

  2. I have been calling the queries number forever and nobody answers.
    Please let me have a query number for prepaid customer, THAT WILL BE ANSWERED.
    Kind regards

  3. Who do we need to call to get assistance. I have been holding for 10minutes now. Noone ever answers and I have NOT received my statement ever even though I have requested this.
    This makes me regret leaving Vodacom!! MTN has such bad customer service.

  4. Pathetic Service.
    Ive been holding on for 20 mins and transferred to so many operators and yet no one is able to assist me.
    This is really disappointing

  5. im sooo angry at mtn right now , they are chowing my airtime for no apparent reason , when i ask a guy from custormer care , he tells me about apps that i dont give a damn about , mtn is downloading apps at my expense as if im Motsipe’s daughter mina ihave to buy airtime every 5 minutes for what nxaaaa, they better fix this

  6. MTN Customer service is useless!! nx!! you bloody wait for your call to be transferred and while waiting for a consultant the phone hangs up!!

  7. MTN is just one pathetic network!!! No answer from any of the contract call centres, no help from any of the consultants “IF I DO GET THROUGH” so moving to another network would be a wise decision for me, cant deal with MTN’s unprofessional service!!!!

  8. I am not happy with MTN Cutomer service. They are not helping at all, it does not matter what time you call. What you will hear is they have high volume of calls, the they cut you off. This is my second day trying to make a Simswap, but until now I did not get help. i have been using Mtn Number for 20 years, but geuss what, they dont care.

    Disappointed Loyal Customer.

  9. No joy with MTN’s call centre:

    The quality of the calls to their call centre is terrible and constantly drop;
    Consultants do not return calls;
    Declined my contract application on credit risk grounds even though TransUnion indicate my credit risk status is perfect;
    Emails remain unanswered;
    Consultants hang-up;
    Difficult to speak to the right person.

  10. Your service pathetic,disgusting. Right now Im fedup. Its been a week tring to be assisted using you customer care line, but no response. I regeret the day to took up the contract with MTN leaving Vodacom. The amount which I signed for you no longer deducte that amount now you deductig more. Which i call it fraud. And trying to get ways to deal with this issue

  11. The service at MTN is horrific. You sit forever waiting for a consultant only to be cut off. I have called 4 times already. So frustrating. Needing assistance is a nightmare but if one is looking for a new contract or sales then the response time is super quick. What a joke!!!!

  12. That 808 is the worst. The consultants are forever busy. You hold for so long ypur phone dies! Waiting for 30 min to speak to a consultant is unacceptable

  13. Customer for 20 years too. Pathetic service service from man. Call centre agent takes off head piece while I’m talking. Rude people. Disgusting service. Call centre hasn’t been available now for 2 days. Bought data which you advertise. Haven’t received it yet after 4 days. Buy I’m billed. DISGUSTING. moving all 3 my contracts. Speaking to hubby to move his too.

  14. I am really disappointed by mtn customer care centre service. ..I have been trying to do sim swap since last month .Every time I’m told the system is of I should call back after 2 hours…I find it really pathetic for a company as big as mtn to be so incompetent. ..I mean with the other networks the service is world class….I think mtn is just a waist of south Africans time and energy. ….

  15. Trying to get customer care. Impossible. Also want to report a scam. Can’t get hold of Mtn. Phoning from landline, your system won’t accept more than three digits.

  16. Very very dissapointed, i have contract with Mtn, when im recharging using cellphone banking the system give me the Cell C option, when i contacted my bank they told me to contact Mtn because the reason might be i share the number with someone else on prepaid and that other person is using Cell C with the same number, i called the 083 1808, i have been holding listening ( ALL OUR CONSULTANTS ARE CURRENTLY BUSY PLEASE STAY ON THE LINE AND YOUR CALL WILL BE ATTENDED TO AS SOON AS THE CONSULTANT IS AVAILABLE) i am still holding……..

  17. I cant get hold of contact centre 4 de whole month of November. The line is always busy. Can anyone help to check my details on the system as some1 called and said she is from Mtn and they want 2 sent me statement through my e-mail.

  18. I cannot complain about the ‘customer service’ because there is no service. Account is suspended although you paid the account on the 2th of the month. it’s ridiculous. How can they keep customers with this bad service??? And it’s useless to try to phone what the problem is on your account.

  19. i am terribly disappointed with the service I am getting from MTN relating to a repair. I have an ipad that is 6 months old an is now faulty. I booked it in on the 8 November 2014 and have not yet received it back or a call notifying of the progress. if It cannot be repaired it must be replaced. I continue to pay the subscriptions and the data bundle does not get carried over.

    unsatisfied with the service delivery…..i have been a customer for as long as I can remember

  20. I have been trying to get hold of Customer service for the past 4 days, with a accumulated time of more than 5 hours on hold ( ALL OUR CONSULTANTS ARE CURRENTLY BUSY PLEASE STAY ON THE LINE AND YOUR CALL WILL BE ATTENDED TO AS SOON AS THE CONSULTANT IS AVAILABLE). I have not missed 1 payment in 8 Years, and yet my service is suspended for 4 days now, and I cannot get hold of anyone to tell me what is going on.

  21. I have tried for 4 days to get through to Customer Care Number 808 with no answer.
    The should change the name of Customer Care as it is clear MTN don’t care about their customers !!
    They keep debited my account on the wrong date and it is costing me money! ::(
    Shame on you MTN.

  22. I consider myself quite a reasonable individual but after this being the fourth day in a row that I have not been able to get through to a consultant in what you call your “contact centre” I am now beyond frustrated !!! I have now spent in total more than an hour being on hold waiting for someone to simply pick up over just the last two days !!! What’s happening ?!?!? I don’t feel that saying how pathetic and poor your service is , is actually going to have any influence so all I’m asking for is abconsultant to answer !!! I hope that’s not too much to ask…..

  23. Is there someway to get hold of a person who can help at MTN. I keep getting put onto someone who can’t help and I get transferred and wait for 15mins get someone who will get back to me. Still no luck This is after 5 days. Now I know why people use pay as you go!

  24. im not happy with your sevice , i have been using mnt for so long now. everytime when i load airtime it just vanish without me calling or smsing anyone. when i call 173 customer care they are not helping . please top whatever is taking my money as i do not remember joining anythng

  25. Mtn is very poor this days.. my airtime disappears from no where.. internet is slow sometimes it doesnt work. They Send many sms a day as if i need them….ive heard it now m joinning Telkom. Ive been using mtn for more dan 12 years this days they lack innovation and skills

  26. I took two mobile phone contacts with MTN. I paid my contact and called MTN that my numbers be converted to prepaid. MTN has not actioned my request, instead they soft locked my phones stating that I did not pay them. Two calls were logged but no one is getting back to me. I am very dissapointed in the service I got from MTN and I will not recommend MTN to anyone.
    MTN violated my rights as a customer.

  27. I am still not getting notifications when messages are left when I do not answer the phone……… This has been going for over six months now – is there anyone out there that can help me

  28. I would like to send my greatest appreciation to Dimitri from mtn Greenstone. He was an absolute gem at assisting my pensioner mom with her new application. She was highly impressed by his manners, professionalism but above all, his superior service. Thank you very much Dimitri, your service is appreciated. God bless.

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