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  • CALL: 084-196 1027
  • Website : www.miway.co.za
  • Address: 338 16th Road, Randjes Park, Midrand

About MiWay

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Overview and history:

MiWay specializes in providing short-term insurances to its customers. They provide a variety of short-term insurances for home and motor insurances with special add-ons.

We provide the best rates and policies for the people of South Africa. We allow our customers to use the power of the Internet and buy and manage insurance online. This online method allows us to reduce cost and pass the savings to our customer by providing them with a better rate for all their short-term insurance needs. MiWay is leading online insurance industries with better policies for its customers.

Product and Service:

MiWay provides people of South Africa reasonable rates and a complete online portal for car, home and business insurances. By providing an online solution we are able to reduce our cost and provide our clients better rates than anyone else!

Car insurances:

MiWay provide insurance at affordable premiums and the option of fix your premiums for over 36 months.  With almost of our plans our clients receive free roadside emergency assistance benefits.

To better suit the budgetary needs of our clients we provides three levels of insurance plans with various protection levels.

We also value your vehicle with different techniques, suited to your lifestyle and method of use such as professional or private use.

Home insurances:

These insurance protect the homeowners against all or almost all types of natural disasters and accidents. MiWay not only protects the home but it also covers all the contents within the home. This insurance protects the homeowners when they need it the most and provides them with a peace of mind that they are covered and protected in case of emergency.

Business insurance:

We provide insurances for vehicles used for business purposes. We provide coverage as per your business needs.  We also provide insurance coverage in not only in South Africa but also in neighboring countries and extended territories. We also provide business roadside assistance for a smooth running business. We also provide insurance for your goods in transit and also provide replacement services for the locks and keys.

Along with our great benefits, we provide all of our customers with insurance plans a great reward plan which helps all of our customers collect and easily redeem points for future uses.

Customer Service:

MiWay tirelessly works to improve their high customer service. As they platform is exclusively online their customers can browse, plan, buy and manage their insurance plans without the help of any person.

But in case of any extra help needed, there are call centers and clients can call and receive instant help from our specialist customer service representatives. Our advisors are equipped and trained to provide the latest information and a schedule a personal visit to discuss all your insurance needs at your choice of location and comfort.

Contact information:

Website: https://www.miway.co.za/contact-miway

You can do it by yourself by using their specialized service and software. On their website a client can fill out form to schedule a call back from one of their customer service representative to avoid waiting on hold and getting your answers quickly.


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