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  • CALL: 011-351 5000
  • Website : www.hollard.co.za
  • Address: 22 Oxford Road, Parktown, Johannesburg


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Company overview and history:

Hollard is the largest privately-owned insurance group. Their annual turnover exceeds R15 billion. They have presence in other countries like India, China, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Australia.

They have over 3,000 passionate brokers working in their personal and corporate insurance sector making them one of a largest private insurance provider. As they have no bank involvement or shareholders they can honestly work to benefit their customers rather than just working to improve their bottom line figures.

They have over 6 million policy holders with diverse needs. Hollard and its brokers work very hard to provide a personalized solution to all of our customers.

For over 35 years since its establishment Hollard has been focusing on provding superior service through building a long term relationship with the businesses and better risk management.

Products and services:

Hollard provides individuals and businesses with all types of insurances to fit their lifestyle, financial and legal requirements.

Personal insurances:

Hollard provides with various types of insurances for individuals and families. They provide;

  • Household

  • Car

  • Life and

  • Funeral insurances.

They provide online calculators which provide an estimate idea of how much it is going to cost for each type of service based on their each individual lifestyle and budget.

For car insurances they offer various types of options. They offer extended warranty and also another ingenious solution for people with a strict budget called “pay as you go”. It allows the individuals to pay only for the kilometers driven and it allows them to save some money and still be comprehensively insured.

Hollard also provides legal cost protection insurance in case of any legal problems arise for their customers.

Hollard offers its insurance plans on a very competitive rate in the market and offer many flexible plans suited to each individual lifestyle.

Business insurance:

Hollard provides insurance solution to all types of small to large businesses. We have brokers highly trained and specialized in this field who provide with the most updated and customized plan to suit your business requirements.

We provide an intensive risk assessment and management service to our business clients.

Hollard joined hands with Etana Corporate Insurer to provide our clients with even better insurance services. We offer employee benefits plan and commercial insurance to all of our corporate clients.

We also offer special insurance to those businesses with a very specific and unique set of insurance needs.

Our brokers provide best products available and plans in South Africa.

Customer Service:

To provide a rough estimate for any type of personal and commercial insurance Hollard provides an easy to use calculator on their website. The brokers of Hollard are highly trained and professional to provide top notch services locally and internationally.

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