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  • CALL : 084-196 4474
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  • Address : Megawatt Park, Maxwell Drive, Sunninghill, Sandton, JHB


Need answers from someone at ESKOM? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to ESKOM contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at ESKOM (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the ESKOM call centre for questions regarding Government services, general enquiries, your local region, electricity faults, payments and more.

ESKOM Overview

Eskom generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers and redistributors. Additional power stations and major power lines are being built to meet rising electricity demand in South Africa. Eskom will continue to focus on improving and strengthening its core business of electricity generation, transmission, trading and distribution.

Eskom buys electricity from and sells electricity to the countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Eskom has a responsibility to the country to ensure that sustainable development becomes a reality. Eskom is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct in all its actions and decisions. Ethics in Eskom is about accomplishing preferred ethical behaviours by living the Eskom values through its Code of Ethics.

With effect from 1 July 2002, Eskom was converted from a statutory body into a public company as Eskom Holdings Limited, in terms of the Eskom Conversion Act, 13 of 2001.


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18 Comments on the ESKOM customer care experience

  1. I’m very unhappy with the service I got. I have received no feedback on my problem after calling several times. Is there any hope at all?

  2. Julle is n useless klomp leunaars! Julle lieg en steel die land bankrot, laat ons ekonomie skade ly, verryk net julle patetiese groepie! My krag wat REEDS VOORUIT betaal is, is 15 minute vroer gesteel as wat julle klomp gemors voor gevra het! Julle gaan kak, die lot bvan julle!

  3. Hi there, I am currenty living in Northwold, JHB and since Friday the 5th DEC 2014 (2am) until Saturday the 6th DEC 2014 (4pm), we had no power. That’s a total of 38 hrs with no power. Now on the 7th DEC 2014, we don’t have power again from 10am. So another 5 hrs of not having power. That increases the no power total to 43 hrs and counting. Please tell me what the hell is going on with Eskom and the bloody JHB municipality. No one in the eskom call centre is able to give me valid answer and as for the JHB municipality, well they jusy don’t answer their phones. All my food in our fridge has now gone bad so who is going to pay for that. 2 days off cold showers and more expenses for eating out. What are you guys doing with tax payers money. Maybe condsider cutting executive freaking salaries in eskom so that you can build your plants on time and have enough funds to keep them running.

  4. I am unhappy with the service I got , after calling several times. Even now the fault is been in progress since. Its been 3 days without electricity.

  5. when you have applied for an electricity for how long must I wait. ..I hv applied for an electricity since October this year bt till today no answer

  6. 28 December 2014; Jeffreysbay has been without power for more than 21 hours, with no explanation provided on any Eskom site and no possible means to establish when the power will be restored.

  7. why we always have current shortage around my place, because its been 12 hours now no electricity but my other neighbours have and my house and other few houses no electric, how possible is that because I’ve been calling the call centre but nothing happens…thinking of out things in fridges now its all loss and waste.

  8. Poor service at customer care centre.pathetic comments from field workers.I have had an electricity metre from Transkei electricity srevices 20 years ago , the metre is old and without a key.I have requested a safe metre but no response from eskom.The wires got burnt and and the electricity is chocking but the fault has not been attended to.whenever they come they say thers nothing wrong with the wires.YES they are so heartless they can’t see the .its appalling

  9. I am not happy with the service I am getting from Eskom,I reported the problem i am having several time’s but there is still nothing happening I am a paying customer but I have been treated bad

  10. I would like to make valuable suggestion regarding the restoration of electricity supply in South Africa and the region. How do I go about this ?

    Kind Regards

  11. It is so easy for you to decide who must be affected by the load shedding and who not, you donty take into considertation that the applances like tv’s, fridges, freezers, satelite tv’s gets damaged by you load shedding. If you can get your act together and build the power stations you have promised to build for the past two yerars none of this shit will be nececary and you won’t have to punish us for your screw ups, and I am sure that black areas don’t get load shedding at all they all have lights and hot water. It is time someone toke you to task and stop this shit for once and for all. If your goverments can stop stealing the money then mabey you will have the finds to build more power stations as promised

  12. This is very irratating .eskom put the light off 2 hours ago and put it on for 20MIN and put it of AGAIN !!!!! Wat the heck

  13. I think eskom power cuts is a disgrace. Yesterday our power was off for 7 hours. Our food is perishing and we have one income in our home. And now this morning its off again. There is no compensation for our lost food produce. I live I’m cape town Athlones.

  14. Good day, please be so kind to explain to me why we have everyday load shedding from 6-8:30 in the evening but several other areas NEVER have load shedding. Example: Faerie Glen, Areas in Waterkloof, Morelettapark, Garsfontein, Arcadia and more. Will it not be more fair to look after the country’s future to NOT load shed the university everyday. Regards, Carol Kriek

  15. I would like to know where should i report my computer monitor that has been damaged by load shedding.

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