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About DSTV

Need answers from someone at DSTV? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to all DSTV contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at DSTV (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the DSTV call centre for questions regarding your account, customer support, packages, upgrades, guide, special offers, faults, complaints and more.

DSTV Overview

DStv (Digital Satellite Television) is MultiChoice’s digital satellite TV service in Africa, launched in 1995, providing various bouquets offering General Entertainment, Movies, Lifestyle & Culture, Sport, Documentaries, News & Commerce, Children, Music, Religion and Consumer channels to MultiChoice subscribers.

In 1986, Pay-television came to South Africa when an analogue, single-channel service, M-Net, was launched by Naspers. For almost seven years, all M-Net’s operations were handled by a single company. Year 1993, Naspers created a subsidiary company, Multichoice, which was to handle the business arm of M-Net, such as decoder sales, subscriber services and account management. It was 1995, Multichoice announced that it was launching a new digital, satellite service in South Africa and, on 6 October 1995, DStv was officially activated to subscribers. The original video channel bouquet consisted of 17 channels. The history continues to span over the decade that brought many subscriber to DStv.

Dstv together with Multichoice takes customer care seriously and in the effort to enrich our life, they offer customer service touchpoints to us in a number of different ways.


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19 Comments on the DSTV customer care experience

  1. iv been trying to call u since from 14:00 till 15:17 non of my calls are going through; im honestly feeling so angry because your service is very poor; im hoping for government to give u a very tough compitition

  2. I have been trying to contact the call centre for almost the entire day. But cannot get through, I want to upgrade my package and also want to sign up on the Explora R99 pm deal. This is rather frustrating that the contact centre is not reachable.

  3. Oh my soul, getting transferred from one department to the next. Can’t access dstv plus and no one can help!!!!

  4. I have been phoning the whole day but I cant get through, I’m getting an error message and I cant clear it, I’m sending sms no response from you call centre, I have send emails but no response. Multichoice your service is extremely bad, I don’t know how do we beginning trusting you as an reliable service provider. Really I don’t know.

  5. I have been trying to contact dstv call center….but I took almost one hour to get a consulted…i even run out of Airtime…….i have a problem with my decoder……its have being scanning for 2 days

  6. Your service world class,u can’t make package of sports only wth certain amount 2nd tell me which channels are available to R99 and R185.thanx

  7. Thank-you for the childrens’ channels on DSTV. They have greatly helped educate and entertain my toddler.

  8. I’m very disspointed with Multichoice,on the 08 I went to the branch to change the date of paymentThe lady I spoke to her she said I must pay R40 I payed that,Bt from the 26 everyday I must phone them to active my Dstv till yesterday when I phone the spoke to 3 consultant one able to help me and my day to pay is on 03 January!!!!!!!!!!!!wht do we do on that?

  9. I am trying to get through the call centre, all numbers just vet dropped. This is pathetic, u cannot rate this service, because there is no service.

    1. I totally agree- I sometimes feel like smashing mine with a hammer- I pay for nothing to look at,I can’t even watch anything I pay for! Very poor services I must say!

  10. Hi there, I wanted to know the reason why Dstv keeps playing the same movies all the time?
    We are paying for this entertainment, and I personally feel that you need to upgrade your movies that you play.
    I am referring to the indian bouquet package. We always experience this problem.
    we look forward to weekends by spending time with the family, just bonding watching movies.
    eg, Om shaanti om, Dhoom, Sooryavansham, Aitraaz, etc.

    My request is if you could play different movies please? I don’t think I am the only person who requests for this to happen, but many people feel the same.

    I hope that we see a change in the future.
    Apologies if I may have said something wrong unknowingly.

    Thanks and regards,

  11. I have been dialling Dstv call center contact several times and more than 5minutes without a succes, the service of their branches is so unacceptable and very poor when you send an e-mail as well they respond after a month with irrelevant answers. The only thing they do best is cut off their service immediately you miss a payment date with a minute and delay to connect you back with more than an hour.

  12. Good Morning

    Received a very disturbing call this morning from a call centre operator practically insisting I upgrade to the new PVR. I did not appreciate that call at all and her way of approaching was very force full.
    I do understand that she was doing her job but when someone says NO its No.


  13. Maybe to most of you R700 is not much,but for me it is a lot to pay for poor quality,I can’t watch rugby,I can’t watch movies,because of poor signals,I took off my tree on request of our serrvice provider in De Aar -northern cape(Hennies) but still the same problem,I took in the decoder,no problem,they check my wiring,no problem,so what the helll is the problem,because I’m realy realy gatvol and pissed off by now for poor quality service,and another thing,let us rather pay for our own channels which we choose,for instance: if I just want to have 10 channels,let me pay for that 10 channels,cause u end up paying for channels you don’t even look at,no man I think its a disgrace and it is not fair towards the custumer paying so much money for this poor services,huh? Paing R700 mnth? I must look at small little blocks and can not follow a movie only bvecause of a weak signal,I expect to be able to watch every channel problem free for R700 a month,otherwise I can just as well take it and through it away! Even the R35 package is the same,I tried that to! So I expect from dstv to fix my problem immediatly and costfree ,your members installed it,your members must fix it,I pay my fees monthly to have quality entertainment – thanx Mr HC Croucamp- De Aar

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