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  • CALL : 084-140
  • Website: www.cellc.co.za
  • Adress: The Waterfall Campus, Cnr Maxwell Drive and Pretoria Main Road, Buccleuch.

About Cell C

Need answers from someone at Cell C? Contact us business directory offer you direct access to Cell C contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Cell C (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Cell C call centre for questions regarding your account, upgrades, special offers, faults, complaints and more.

Cell C Overview

Cell C is a leading mobile provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of services and mobile and data deals. It is South Africa’s third cell network and the first cellular provider operating a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz data network, with over 11.5 million subscribers according to recent reports in MoneyWeb and My Broadband.

The mobile provider was founded in November 2001, Cell C is owned by 3C Telecommunications, which is 60% owned by Oger Telecom South Africa, a division of Saudi Oger; 25% owned in an unencumbered holding by CellSAf, and 15% by Lanun Securities SA.

Cell C market strategy appears to be “more subscribers, paying less,” which is a significant challenge to the high-margin stance of the other network operators. They offers a wide range of products and services, including voice, data and messaging services to more than 18 million customers.


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18 Comments on the Cell C customer care experience

  1. I purchased a once off daily bundle of 1GB for the amount of R10 between 04h50- 05h15 this morning. No notification message came through & I did not receive the bundle as yet- it is now 06h08.I did call the CellC helpline between 05h35-05h45 & spoke to Cebisa Radebe.She confirmed that I did purchase R10 airtime but the system does not show what happened to the airtime & that the system takes about an hour to update. I informed her that the bundle is valid from 1am to 7am- will I get as refund?She said she cannot answer this but she will escalate matter to supervisor to call me.It is now 06h17- I still did not receive notification that I purchased the data bundle. I will wait for the callback from the call centre supervisor who starts work today at 07h00.

    1. I am angry with Cell C customer service. Month in and month out they send me a sms thanking me for the payment received and lift the suspension on my phone. A few days later they phone to ask me for my payment and when I advise them that they received the payment and lifted the suspention then I am asked for proof of payment. I explain that I received a sms confirming their message but they do not want to listen and insist that I must forward them proof of payment. Failing this they suspend my phone AGAIN. What am I to do to stop this frustration.

  2. I have been trying to call customer service the whole day, I call it gives me options but never a “talk to an operator for assistance option”. I’m really getting fed up now cause I am in need of assistance

  3. Why does cell c don’t have a call centre option its really fustrating that you cannot speak to an agent who can assist you.

  4. Hi I’ve paid my contract on the 28 of Nov but my phone is suspended and I tried to call the customer service still I didn’t get help

    1. my question is do you still have call centres?
      been trying to call cell c the past few weeks even today , what sup with the magabonus you whattsup for free? this thing of yours its not working as you say it does. I don’t want it anymore you been eating my money. firstly I don’t whattsup for free ,I cant send or receive pics . then yet you charge me 5 rand when ever I recharge for what exactly.
      please inform us of what is happing if have gone for holidays than to assist us so that we can switch to other networks that will take us serious coz clearly you don’t

  5. What is it with cell c. If you have a problem and call customer care they do not give you an option to speak to a consaltant.

  6. Your service are pathetic. i have been calling for 2 days and still am not able to speak to an operator. I have cancelled a contract 3 months ago, yet the amount are deducted from my account every month. Why does cell c have a call centre option but you cannot speak to an agent who can assist. My only other option is to go to a cell c store. I will most definatly not be a Cell C client in future ever again.

  7. I once had a contract with cell c and now everytime when I apply for a contract phone the system keeps rejecting my application. No one at the Customer service can tell me why does the system reject the application.
    Please can someone help.

  8. What kind of network provider is this. No customer service option. Juss now l recharged w 20rand cell c and it’s gone without using it.

  9. I am not happy with how cell c headquarters discriminates against foreigners. maybe I missed it but is there a rule that restricts foreigners with all the required documents from opening an account? because 1 of your employees refused us with silly excuses. I have been with cellc for years as a cash client and I’m really offended by this

  10. My husband and daughter have a Cell C account. They constantly struggle with signal no matter where they are, when we visit the Cell C shop in Vaal Mall Vanderblijlpark the people only change the tower to go automatically to the nearest tower – ie Vodacom or Cell C. We had reported this now numerous times and they only do the same, Cell C almost cost lives at a hospital in Vanderbijlpjark for my husband could not be contacted when there was a power failure. Cell C, Vaal Mall was informed that this is critical for he is working for the hospital, No notification messages comes through we only received them after we had to restart the phone time and time again. One thing I can say is Cell C is not what they advertise and the service is very poor and don’t forget that the turnaround time to log a call is 2 business days medical people please note that if there is a Cell C person involved in an accident don’t worry leave them for 2 business days before you attend to their medical condition. This is pathetic not to say the least. – “Cell C market strategy” appears to be “more subscribers, paying less,” which is a significant challenge to the high-margin stance of the other network operators. They offers a wide range of products and services, including voice, data and messaging services to more than 18 million customers. Cell C is a leading mobile provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of services and mobile and data deals. It is South Africa’s third cell network and the first cellular provider operating a dual band GSM 900/1800 MHz data network, with over 11.5 million subscribers according to recent reports in MoneyWeb and My Broadband.

  11. Hi I’m using Huawei Tablet’ with Cell C contract, since I got that contract I haven’t enjoy nothing out of it. simple to to download 1.5MB thing it takes so long. at the end I to cancel the hole thing. can you please update something out there.

    now 25 August 2015 my contact expire’ trully speaking
    I’m not going to renewed my contact with cell c again if nothing changes.


  12. CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW I CAN GET THROUGH TO SPEAK TO A CONSULTANT?????? I will definitely go back to Vodacom. Their helpine is excellent. MTN is just as hopeless. CEll C – for such a big name, you have very little customer service. Please call me if there are any consultants at hand (hoping that’s not too difficult). thank you.


  13. I lost my contract sim card and bought a pre-paid sim card called the customer care 3days ago to do a sim swop, cellc call centre agents keep on telling me they will call me back in 1hour and then itll be done,my wife has been without a phone for days now, i called in again today and now they tell me itll take 6-8hours, my daughter did the exact same for her contract and within 1days time the sim swop was done via the call centre. I am so disappointed in the lack of services and lies told by the call centre agents that they will get back to me. CellC is not going to have a problem deducting there subscription for the month even though Im not using there services due to lack of competency from there staff members. I shall never ever take another contract with CellC after going through all this stress for the past few days. Utmost pathetic service ever received from a service provider.

  14. On the 21 of December I took out a M2 aqua contract at cell c store in cape gate after that been in the store countless times each time I recieved the answer poor network signal problems I completed a form for tech come out the report went in its the handset I went to the store no loan phone available I had phone all other stores got a sim swap promblem still continue I went back check the availability of loan phone no one been in contact with me from store the service I recived from jacky groenewald the body language and atitude I feel so speechless and stund I am still paying the X amount for broken handset I get this from my service provider attacked in the store infront of ppl after be been so patience doing everything

  15. I am a very unhappy customer of cellc,I purchased a phone in sept 2013,sent the phone for repairs in feb 2014 again in june 2014 and again in dec 2014 picked up the phone 31st jan 2015,I asked for them to change the phone repeatedly reson being the phone was always coming back from repairs with the same problem and they didnot change it,when I picked the phone up in jan the cellc staff said they did change it but it was a lie,which means I’m payning cellc frm sept 2013 to present feb 2015 for nothing for something that is not working n most of the time in repairs,this is totally not fair .

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