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About Bonitas

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Company Overview

Bonitas is a medical aid scheme with nearly 35 years in the business. They are an all-inclusive provider, offering a variety of plans to fit any and every individual health care need, and their expertise and compassion have made them one of South Africa’s most trusted medical coverage providers with over 650,000 individuals there taking advantage of their premium services.

Company Background

Since the early 1980s Bonitas has provided a wide range of medical plan and life coverage which has been accompanied by honesty and integrity. This medical scheme originated in and continues to provide services and plans to the people of South Africa.

Bonitas is concerned with the individual, so there are never any unknown costs added in; every aspect of this medical scheme is open, honest, and up front. Bonitas currently covers a total of 650,600 individuals, with 356,800 of those being life coverage plans.


Regardless of who you are, your age, or your background Bonitas has a plan that is just right for you and all of your needs, including your financial status. They take the health of the South African people as a very serious issue and therefore provide a wide range of plans, including:

  • Hospital Plans

While these plans focus on preventing hospitalization they also include a variety of other benefits. Any major medical care is covered at an amazing 100% of the standard rates; available options include the BonEssential plan and the BonCap plan.

  • Traditional Plans

These plans offer straightforward, easy-to-comprehend coverage which is at 100% of standard rates. Doctor and dentist visits as well as hospital stays are covered. Plans include the Standard and Primary plans.

  • New Generation Plans

These plans come with a limit on overall care as well as a ‘savings’ account. Costs vary depending on the plan you will get, as do services covered. Plans under this category include the BonComprehensive Plan, BonSave Plan, and BonClassic Plan.

Customer Service

With Bonitas Medical Aid you will receive the most thorough and compassionate customer care services in the medical scheme industry. Their mission is to provide quality healthcare coverage without compromising on care quality, and that involves the proper treatment of those they serve; they provide excellent customer service on all grounds.

Bonitas Contact Details

If you are a resident of South Africa and desire to find out more about what Bonitas Medical Aid has to offer you, you can contact them in the following ways:

While they have numerous locations all over South Africa the contact information above is for all locations. Visit Bonitas Medical Aid online today and find out more about their plans and benefits. If you have any questions or want to sign up you can do that online or by emailing or calling the number above. You will be taken care of promptly and provided with the right medical aid for your needs. See what Bonitas has to offer today.

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