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Need answers from someone at Telkom directory enquires? Contact Us business directory offer you direct access to Telkom directory enquires contact details. call the number above to get straight through to the customer services department at Telkom directory enquires (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to the Telkom directory enquires call centre for questions regarding telephone numbers look up and searches.

Telkom directory Overview

Telkom – the country’s number one telecommunications services provider. With its Telkom directory they can connects you to South Africa’s businesses, products and services, providing all the information from the business directory addresses.

Telkom has its Terms and Conditions as follows:

Where the service is either a telephone or a telex service, Telkom shall provide at no charge, an entry in the relevant directory for the area in which the service is provided, which shall comprise the customer’s name, address and service number in an abbreviated form.

No entry shall be made in the directory if the customer requests Telkom in writing to be excluded from the directory. In such case the  customer’s directory information will also be excluded from any directory information  service provided by Telkom.

Other than for the free entry as provided, any other directory entry applied for by the customer will be subject to the appropriate service charge, as determined by Telkom from time to time. Such additional directory entries could for instance be for the customers’ particulars in another language or for the particulars of a co-user (joint-user).

If the customer indicates in his/her order that his/her details should appear in the directory, Telkom may make the details available in the directory enquiry services before or after publication of such a directory.


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One Comment on the Telkom directory customer care experience

  1. I am actually very disappointed with the poor service Telkom has been giving. I have been trying to contact the number 10210 you have provided but man, i have to wait for more than an hour and still get no help. Do something with your call center coz it doesn’t seem to work, not to mention the service it is terrible.

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