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Looking for a Jobs in Durban? Contact Us business directory offer you direct access to all Jobs in Durban. call the number above to get straight through to the call centre department at Jobs in Durban (VAS rates apply, free minutes dont apply) Quick and easy access to  Jobs in Durban call centre for questions regarding Jobs, vacancies, careers, work and more.


Every year, the total number of job seekers in South Africa increases. There are many jobs in South Africa and most of the time it is the problem of information asymmetry and hectic application processes that prevent suitable potential employees from applying to these positions. There are a numerous number of job sites in South Africa to help all job seekers in South Africa to easily contact with employers who are hiring. Some sites are limited to certain geographical regions, such as those advertising jobs in Durban only, or jobs in Cape Town, jobs in Johannesburg, jobs in Gauteng, and jobs in Pretoria. Several others advertise for jobs in South Africa generally.

CV Writing Tips

There is a difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae, unlike what most people think. A CV is much more detailed with a summary of your education background, skills and experience in research, teaching, publications, presentations, awards and affiliations among other details. A resume on the other hand is brief (up to 2 pages long). However, like a resume, a CV also consists of your name, contact information, education, skills and experience. There are several versions and templates of CV’s and resumes which are required for different fields of jobs.

You should be keen to:

  • Clearly include all the right information so that the hiring manager can easily locate them
  • Clearly state your objectives.
  • Emphasize on what will most likely give you the job, for instance, the skills required.
  • Use CV templates which are available for free in Microsoft word to create your CV, resumes, job specific and career- specific resumes.
  • Create a custom CV where your experiences are perfectly tailored to the job
  • Go through other curriculum vitae, such as the samples provided on career sites.

Job Interviews

No matter how many interviews you have been to, job interviews never seem to become any easier. The people on the interviewing panel are not aware of the number of times you have attended interviews and you have to be upbeat and sell yourself and your skills to new people constantly.

To increase your chances of succeeding in an interview, you should also make sure you

  • Are enthusiastic and upbeat throughout the interview
  • Practice! Practice makes perfect and in an interview situation, it helps in reducing stress levels associated with job interviews. Practice answering the typical interview questions
  • Have a list of questions to ask the employees.
  • Do intensive research about the employer and the industry and try to relate what you have learnt about the company when answering questions
  • Ensure the outfit that you plan to wear is neat, tidy and appropriate for the kind of job that you are applying for.
  • Be punctual for your interview session, say 5 to 10 minutes early. If you are not familiar with the location of the interview, it is advisable to visit the place before the interview date to avoid getting lost or lateness and additional stress on the day of the interview. Thank goodness for the current technology because now you can use Google maps to easily locate the places.
  • Stay calm and collected throughout the interview. Take a moment to regroup and make sure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Listen actively before answering the questions.

 Job Hunting tips

  • Establish concrete goals and set aside adequate time each week for searching and applying to jobs. Research and follow up on your application to make sure it was received.
  • Search and apply for current jobs that are still open.
  • Do not ignore seasonal jobs
  • Apply with companies that are the best fit to your experience, skills, interests and/or education.
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