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About Department of Home Affairs

Need answers from someone at Department of Home Affairs? Contact us business directory offer you quick and easy access to Department of Home Affairs contact details. call the number above and get straight through to the Department of Home Affairs customer services call centre (VAS rates apply, free minutes don’t apply) get answers to all your questions regarding immigration, adoption, check status, smart ID card, complaints and more…

Company Overview

The Department of Home Affairs carries out the primary responsibilities of providing services such as maintaining the National Population Register (NPR), maintaining marriage and birth records, determining and granting citizenship, issuing travel documents, passports and identity documents along with its responsibilities to foreigners such as administering the new admissions into the country, helping determine the residency statuses of foreigners and issuing permits thereof, handling the custodianship of refugees, and issuing inspectorate and policy directives.

Department Mission Statement

The Department’s mission is to sustain a peaceful world, which foster conditions for the growth of democracy and justice, progress and stability both for the benefit of South African citizens as well as people from everywhere.

Company History

Formed on May 31st, 1910, the Hallmark building in Johannesburg has been actively providing services to the citizens of South Africa and people from outside South Africa.

Company Products

Registration of Births

Was your child born on the sacred soil of the Cradle of Civilization? Then, you would need to consider registering them.

Late Registration of a Birth

Births reported either after 30 days of birth by before one year, after a year, but before 15 years and 15 years and older can get an unabridged birth certificate, provided they submit the BI-24 along with written reasons why the form was not submitted on time.

Registering the birth of a child born within and out of wedlock

The child will be registered under the surname of the mother, if born out of wedlock and those born within wedlock will be registered under the surname of the father and the mother jointly upon filling the BI-24 form and submitting it to your nearest Department of Home Affairs office.

Smart ID card

You will be able to get our smart ID card at any of our 70 centers. It can be used both by those who are above 16 years of age as well as by pensioners. Our Smart ID card is tamper proof and comes with well-spaced elements such as an exclusive area to add your digital signature along with your particulars printed on it.

Marriage certificate

Getting married? Then you need to complete certain formalities in order to make your marriage legally valid and binding. What’s more, in an age, where there are many fraudulent marriages taking place, you can even verify whether your marriage is legally valid by simply sending us an SMS message. Send us the letter M followed by your ID number (example: M5001010050080) to 32551 and we will get back to you with the complete details of your marriage, if it has been registered with us.

Death Certificates

Has someone passed away in your family? When you register the death of a family member or a friend, we would provide you with a death certificate.


Considering adopting a child? Then, apply with us by simply completing the form BI-193, by paying the required fees and by writing a letter as to why you are considering adopting a child and you can adopt the child as soon as possible.

Immigration / Citizenship

Want a home away from home in the Cradle of Civilization? Then, consider applying with us for a South African citizenship.

Contact Us

Are you thinking of home or want to return home, then you can talk to an immigration officer at one of our centers listed below to discuss what your options are. It is important to remember that the decision to return home to South Africa is solely yours.

Phone: 0800 601190



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3 Comments on the Department of Home Affairs customer care experience

  1. I have been having a horrible service from home affairs..
    #1 they sent my first ID to the “wrong address” , they have been saying they will help they will nyelp until today , ever since 2010.
    #2 the guy is making loans under my name ___ and now I’m ITC listed, I couldn’t work for some companies even When I qualified for the posts, I can not open up new bank accounts because my Identity is messed up.
    #3 the list is endless and getting worse.

  2. i am in Durban and i wish to repot a complaint with the department of home affairs services its not good at all because i have applied for my Late regestration of in the year 2012 and f0ll0wed all the procedures and the durban branch had lost my documents and didnt contact me and say a word of wat they did so i kept on going up down and its was for nothing firstly how can they loose papers like that wen they trained to do their jobs secondly i had to drag my sick mother which is old and sick to go and sit there and and hear cum back in two months it became an on going thing everytime i had to go there it was the same story only later on wen i told them i wish to speak to sum1 else that high in charge they threaten me and said why did i go to that exstend they can make things worst for me and now its 2015 still no feed back everything is gone to Petoria headoffice and still nothing and been calling them like they say call in two weeks been doing that for 3 years now they keep saying its on the last stage now its been on the last stage from how long wat i must do in the mean while and yet we follow the procedures they losse ur documents and make u like a stupid and they dont even do their jobs properly and still get paid now for three years i am waiting from headoffice for feed back still nothing wat do we do in this case and now my mum is one way in bed because of health i have no papers in case of an emergency so tell me if this a gud thing wat these workers are doing not fair at all i am very upset with the service in durban and petoria coz 3 years to wait for LRB ridiculas i think they should have the big boys behind them so they actually do they work than fool arround like people like us go sit so long there take a number sit in ques and wait till they attend to you and they will drag time till its tea time then u have to sit eve more long and u must see how they speak to people very bad i have see it my self and it was done to me aswel wat is petoria head office doing for 3 years for my LRB still as not cum through very disapointed with the services

  3. Am struggling to get my I’d I applied for it last year its almost a year now I call the heard office they keep on telling me to call after two weeks what must I do know I want to do my licence every thing is stuck how does the system works why r u ppl so slow its so unfair

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