Top 5 Customer services in South Africa

Customer Service as the name suggests, enables a company to offer help and guidance to their customers in case they face any emergencies or issues. This is usually done over the phone or by email. You may not realize it but in the absence of customer service, it would be extremely difficult for any organization to function effectively. Given below are some of the top customer services that you will come across in South Africa. These are the companies that have consistently managed to perform and offer best value to their customers.


With its head office located in Johannesburg in South Africa, Vodacom has consistently strived to offer excellent support to their customers through their Vodacom customer care. The services that they offer range from mobile voice and data to messaging and converged services that is spread across a population of 60 million customers. In addition to South Africa, their tremendous success led to expanding their networks to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Lesotho and Mozambique. In addition to the mobile services, Vodacom also extends their range of services to those involving business across 40 different countries spread throughout the continent of Africa.


Since its inception in 1994, MTN has gained the valuable trust of over 152 million subscribers and still continues to grow at a rapid pace. Innovation is what they thrive on and the MTN Customer care continues to offer guidance and assistance to their loyal customers, which in turn leads to a constant growth in the same. What makes MTN a success is the fact that they constantly strive to come up with new innovative ways to offer the best services to their customers like putting up submarine cables in order to strengthen the internet broadband connectivity.

Cell C:

Cell C Customer care is at the forefront and constantly makes an effort to give the best of the mobile communication world to their customers. Their main aim is to make sure that there is a positive impact on the lifestyle of customers through their services. Cell C firmly believes in bringing the future into the present and therefore, they make use of the most cutting edge technology that is also affordable at the same time. This combined with their exceptional customer care makes for one of the best and most successful customer services in South Africa.


Credibility is what Telkom considers the most important factor and it is through their Telkom customer care that they help build strong and healthy relationships with their loyal customers. Their networks are of the highest quality and they constantly try to come up with new and innovative means to offer services to their customers.


DSTV is a satellite network in South Africa and they offer the best and the latest offerings in television from all over the globe. With DSTV contact details you can get in touch to experience entertainment like never before.