Customer Services by Internet service providers in South Africa

There are some guidelines that can be followed simply with instructions over the phone to customers for their internet issues. In South Africa the troubleshooting is handled by a few guidelines recommended by the biggest ISP’s in South Africa: Telkom ADSL support, MWEB support, Afrihost support and Web Africa support:

Trouble shooting guide for ADSL support:

When experiencing slow, interrupted Internet connection or no connectivity, exercise these steps to get back your connection-

  • Do not press the reset button at the back of the modem as this will set it back to factory settings and so all the settings you have done on your modem will not be found.
  • Make sure that the ADSL telephone line is alive and shows the dial tone.
  • The micro filters should be in place and with the right connections
  • Check the LED to make sure the power is switched in the modem.
  • Check all the connections between the server, computer and modem. The proper lights should be seen and verified.
  • Confirm that the ADSL link LED is switched on and not blinking. If it is blinking, then it could be an indication of the ADSL line being faulty. If it is completely switched off then the modem may be at fault.
  • Check the PPP/ DSL ACT LED lights. If the LED is not on, the configuration may be the one that is incorrect. In this case, check the configuration with your ISP.
  • Try switching off your modem connection and wait for at least thirty seconds before turning it on again.
  • Verify if the Firewall settings are in place. If incorrect, this may be the one preventing or blocking the connection to the internet.
  • Make sure no viruses have attacked your computer or server. Viruses are known to slow or resist access to net connectivity as they can replete the memory and all the resources.
  • Even if the telephone lines are noisy, check and see if the ADSL is working fine.
  • Check for the Wi-Fi connectivity, ADSL service or LAN will not be available if the same is limited or not connected at all.
  • If telephone connection is fine, see if the router is synchronizing well.
  • Attempt to reboot the computer or server.
  • Refer to manuals that guide you with step by step instructions for the right connectivity. Follow their terms and conditions diligently to avoid re-work. If you still get errors with messages such as the page being unable to be displayed or anything similar along the same lines, it is a clear indication that your internet connectivity is the problem.
  • Telephone lines can also be the cause of disturbed connectivity. Your line could be noisy, the speech in the incoming and outgoing calls can sound faint there could be no tone at all after you dial, at times the lines will work but intermittently or faulty outdoor extension lines can cause such troubles.
  • This could be for any number of reasons and so at this point, it is best to contact your call center for instructions and help.

If all the above steps do not work, then you can always contact the helpline.