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  • CALL: 084-196 1031
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Family comes first and AVBOB is a mutual, a family. Belonging to a mutual is belonging to a family. AVBOB Assurance Mutual society is an authorized financial services provider andAfrica’s largest Mutual Assurance Society that provides a one- stop funeral insurance and burial service solution. It does not have external shareholders and policy holders benefit directly from the success of the mutual. Over the past seven years, AVBOB has allocated R 4 billion in special bonuses and free funeral benefits to more than 3.8 million lives assured with them.


The company was formed in 1918. During this time, veterans of the Second World War returned home with one of the most viral epidemics of the time- the Spanish Flu. A large number of people died, and prices shot up such that people were not able to pay for the funerals. And thus, the rise of the benevolent fund “Afrikaanse Verbond” that allowed people to make small regular contributions to the fund.  It took over Bloemfontein Bergrafnisfonds, another burial society. AVBOB was converted to a mutual Society on 16/03/1951 to become AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society.

AVBOB does free funeral benefits with the following features for policyholders:

  1. Free basic funeral that includes either burial or incrimination if the policy is two years or older.

  2. Free transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa.

  3. Free transportation of a tombstone.

Services Product

AVBOB also offers various funeral insurance and life insurance products. These include:

  1. Cashback funeral policy that allows for savings for the funeral expenses. After every consecutive five years of not claiming, they will give you back your fifth year’s premium in cash.

  2. Family funeral insurance: This is easy to understand, it is affordable and flexible and will ensure that all funeral arrangements are well taken care of. AVBOB contact details are given below hence feel free to contact them and inquire on this cover.

  3. AVBOB extended family insurance which covers the entire family including parents and the larger extended family members. Children can receive cover under the policy up to the age of 20 years. It can be obtained at an affordable monthly premium and the applicant and spouse can be insured at an amount above R10 000.00. Moreover, if the applicant dies from unnatural causes like a road accident, AVBOB will pay out double the sum assured.

  4. Savings plan: AVBOB society provides a savings policy that makes it easy to save. They also offer unbeatable returns.

  5. Cashback Lifestyle Insurance which covers anyone between the ages of 18 and 80. This beats most of other insurance companies that will not consider applications from anyone above the age of 65 years. You can pay as little as R100 per month to live a secured and peaceful life. Your family will receive up to R500 000 if you die. AVBOB also offers different products including various types of coffins and tombstones.

For complaints and inquiries, you can either call or email AVBOB on complaints@avbob.co.za. Their complaint resolution is very fast and their team will make sure your issue is resolved in the best way and to the best level possible under the stated complaint resolution procedure.You can also visit their website which is www.avbob.co.za to apply for a policy.

AVBOB Contact Details

AVBOB contact details are summarized below:

+27 12 303 1000

0861 128262 for customer inquiries

0861 3863725 for funeral services and arrangements (this service is available 24 hours)

+27 12 303 1399 for general inquiry and feedback

AVBOB head office is conveniently located on 368 Madiba Street in Pretoria.


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2 Comments on the AVBOB customer care experience

  1. Last week Friday I was at avbob mortuary at Bethlehem free state doing a claim about my uncle who passed away while he was in Lesotho and the deseased is already in Lesotho’s mortuary as the funeral will be in Lesotho so I told the lady there called Carmen that I gonna need a cash as the funeral with be conducted by Lesotho funeral parlour that lady there became very rude to me and tell me they cannot help me as the deseased doesn’t have a medical record I try to explain that Lesotho is another country and things are very different from our country she told me Togo and find that medical report from the doctor I did call the Lesotho funeral parlour they said in Lesotho they don’t need that medical report I den come back to Carmen on Monday explain everything to her again I even asked her to cal avbob head office to enquire them about my situation that lady refused to cal her avbob head office I had to force her to do that she did cal at last and the lady from head office did gave me what I must bring instead of medical report and she did even explain that they do under stand the Lesotho situation it was on Monday then on Wednesday I did go there again with the letter from the village chief as head office required there was another message said they do need a south African death certificate as the deceased was having a south African identity and saying they did send the message to Carmen and Carmen did not bother her self by calling us we only heard that when we arrived there and she said you know I was about to cal u and by that time it was already after noon and my big problem is this Saturday the deceased must be buried my worry is now am I going to get money in time because is already Thursday according to me avbob doesn’t treat their customers fair because if you are an avbob official and you are not sure about something you have to consult your head immediatly without any delay now our claim will be delayed

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